5 Most Evil Things Tech Companies have Helped Happen

Source: Citelighter

We are in a time where we depend on tech heavily. But sometimes out of necessity or just a careless attitude, tech companies have done some pretty bad things to the world. Some of these effects have helped shape and mold the society we live in today.

1. IBM and the Holocaust

As much as this may be hard to imagine, research has shown how IBM helped the Nazis perpetrate a holocaust. IBM helped create the most rationalized and methodically perfected means of genocide that has been recorded in human history.

Watson computer system
YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, NEW YORK––IBM has created a computer, called Watson, that will play against the best Jeopardy contestants for three nights, Feb. 14, 15, and 16. The host of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek, rehearses for the upcoming show. (Photo by Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Edwin Black, an author, explains how IBM services were suited for machination of the ThirdReich.This was to help the Nazis perfect the art of killing not only making it operative smooth but effortless and justified. IBM used computer predictability to do a wide range of estimations and recording for the Nazi. Thus one of the most powerful tech companies was used by the Nazis as a way of registering the entire population that was bought from their offices in New York

2.RIM and Saudi Arabian Censorship

Rim is the company that produces BlackBerry phones and products. RIM were in danger of being removed from the Saudi market, which provided about a third of their yearly sales.

Tech companies
Source: Blackberry

Instead the decided to collaborate with the government even though they felt it was not ethical. The collaboration between the state and blackberry allowed the state to have access to all BlackBerry Messagers and the messages.

This allowed them to know who sent the message from where and to whom the message was sent to. It is this lack of privacy and the government meddling in the business of its citizens that RIM became a part of and helped the Saudi Arabian government perpetuate crimes against humanity in the country.

3. Torture in Bahrain and Nokia Siemens

The Bahrain government  used equipment sold to them by Nokia Siemens to violate the rights of its people. The government used their torture squads to intimidate and torture its people with information that has been intercepted from their phone.

They did this through the reading of their texts and listening in on their calls, this is used as “evidence” by the government to fulfill its desires and enhance an authoritarian regime that is witnessed even today. The tech companies’ software has been incorporated into the Bahrain’s communication infrastructure that means everything said and written is in full view of the government. During this time Nokia Siemens simply turned a blind eye.

4. Yahoo and Chinese torture

Via: YahooThe a case in 2002 of an engineer who was detained by the government for writing a pro-democracy article and a journalist who was arrested in 2004 for forwarding an email to an oversee website is some of the examples of what people have undergone in Chinese at Yahoo’s hands.

This has been made possible by the help that was offered by Yahoo to the Chinese government that has seen the state watch closely what one watches and looks for online. Citizens have been jailed and some abused for criticizing the government by information allowed to the government by Yahoo, which is the second most popular tech companies offering email service in the world.

5. Dow and Monsanto and Agent Orange

Dow and Monsanto is one of the tech companies that deal with agricultural technology. The American government used this company in their fight in Vietnam, where Agent Orange, a herbicide made by the company, was used to clear the vegetation around the area that was used.

The US did not tell the public and the world that thousands of people lived around that place and was significantly affected by these causing neurological issues and other side effects. The worst part of it is that it Dow and Monsanto literally knowingly offered the government a lethal weapon that saw an estimated 3 million Vietnamese children seriously harmed.