Review: 911 Help Now Emergency Communicator Pendant


Now this is a product I have no problem reviewing as well as recommending other to try since I am a proud owner of this product.  When I first heard about this over a year ago, the 911 Help Now Emergency Communicator Pendant sounded like a great device; however, the monthly fee attached to it left a sour taste in my stomach.  Fortunately, I happened to look at one of the home shopping networks that I frequently watch and what I viewed quickly put a smile on my face.

The same product was not only being offered at a better selling price, but it waived the monthly fees for the life of the unit!  That shopping network was none other than HSN and they continue to sell it with no monthly fees but with additional options that separates them from other sellers.  Before I go into that, it is important to understand what this device does and why it is important to carry this with you, especially those who are elderly and have a disability such as myself.


What is the 911 Help Now Communicator?

Referring to the product’s original website, the 911 Help Now Emergency Pendent is a device that makes it simple for the user to get in touch with a 911 operator quickly.  Simply press the button and an operator will quickly respond by asking you what the emergency is.  The unit has an accidental call cancellation button as well as one other button to test the strength of the batteries needed to power the device.


The website also explains that the product comes with a belt clip and a break-away lanyard if you wish to wear it around your neck (which is what I do).  Another thing that is stated is the pendent is both durable as well as splash resistant.  There is a short YouTube video presentation explaining how the unit operates.

Plenty of Places to Purchase the 911 Help Now Communicator Pendent

While the pendent can be purchased on the 911 Help Me Now website, the unit can be bought on different websites for different prices.  The Hammacher Schlemmer website has the device and goes into detail when describing it and one customer reviewed it by voting five out of five stars.  However, potential users may not to buy the communicator from them, as it ships within one business day for $149.95.

While it may seem that the previous website mentioned may have gone overboard with their pricing, there is another website that is selling the product at a high price.  The Jim Bakker Show website describes how to use the communicator as well as having no monthly fees to pay; yet, the problem is with their price for this device being at $150 dollars! Those who feel this is too high a price to pay for this item, you are correct as well as there is a place this product is being sold at a lower price with bonuses that other websites are not offering.

HSN is Where to Purchase 911 Help Now Communicator Pendent

Though the other websites I mentioned have the pendent marked at a high price, the Home Shopping Network has it offered at a lower price with some favorable options.  The device is priced currently at $99.95 and users do not have to worry about paying monthly fees for the life of the product. One option that will make future customers smile is the choice of paying the full price immediately or only paying $19.99 to get it home and then making four more monthly payments if keeping the communicator.


Another option that is not available with other sellers is instead of just selecting the basic color of white, other color choices include black, blue, bronze, rose gold and teal.  Finally, instead of having the traditional thirty days to return the product, HSN is extending their return policy for the holidays until January 31st, 2018.

I feel it is important to point out that this device can go anywhere that the user goes to.  Since the elderly and those with a disability can easily find themselves in a dangerous situation, such as falling at home, the 911 Help Now Communicator Pendent can make the difference between life and death.  This is a product I strongly recommend since as I live with a physical disability and I feel much safer wearing the pendent then I would without it.