This Research Company Cracked the Apple iPhone X Face ID System

Source: The Daily Dot

Ever since the Apple iPhone X was released, folks have been wondering if the device’s new Face ID feature has any notable flaws. Some people have attempted to use pictures, and even videos of themselves to break into the product, but nothing works.

Apple even said that not even Hollywood-quality masks could trick the system, but that doesn’t mean other types of masks can’t pull off the impossible. You see, security researchers at Bkav have managed to thwart Face ID, well, at least that’s what they are saying.

Source: Apple

The team chose to create a mask made explicitly for breaking Face ID rather than one based on realism. We understand the mask was built using a hand crafted skin, designed for the only purpose of exploiting Face ID. As for the face model, Bkav says that was done using 3D printing.

When it comes down to the eyes section, it was created using 2D images, and the nose constructed from silicone.

Did the researchers cheat?

Well, they maintain that cheating was never done. Apparently, the iPhone X was trained on a real person’s face, and from there, the team only required $150 worth of equipment to create a product with the ability to trick Apple’s newest smartphone.

Looking at the demo, we can see that as soon as the phone was placed in front of the mask, the phone unlocked. Everything was done in a single try, though this doesn’t mean Bkav didn’t face difficulties while attempting to create the perfect trickster mask.

Additionally, the company says it began work on the mask on November 5, so it took around five days for them to get everything right.

“So, after nearly 10 years of development, face recognition is not mature enough to guarantee security for computers and smartphones,” according to Bkav. “In 2008, Bkav was the first company in the world to show that face recognition was not an effective security measure for laptops, right after Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus, etc. used this technology for their products.”

Will this hack affect iPhone X users?

The five-day task of creating a mask similar to what Bkav has brought to life might be too much for some, so iPhone X users should have little to worry about. Folks who want to get into a phone quickly will probably refuse to spend $150 and several days working on a face.

Then again, some criminals are more determined than others, so in that case, we have to say, anything is possible.