Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Workers in Sales and Marketing?

Source: The Conversation

When it comes down to marketing and sales, some humans are excellent in that department. When a person can convince another to purchase something they have no use for, that person has a talent gifted from the gods.

But despite how gifted many folks are at sales and marketing, they may not be able to hold on to their jobs due to the rise of artificial intelligence. Yes, sales and marketing will likely fall to the AI in the years to come; in fact, the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford believes this could happen as soon as the year 2025.

Source: The Conversation

Regarding when AI will replace surgeons and other jobs that require precision, researchers believe this could happen in the next 45 years. As it stands then, sales representatives and marketers will likely be among the first people to find themselves competing with robots in the workplace.

Why is this happening?

Replacing marketers and sales representatives is good for business since it would keep costs down. Furthermore, the human brain will no longer be subjected to crunching data, for such tasks are much more natural for robots.

With that being the case, the human brain will have the ability to focus on more creative things to further push the human race forward. The question is, how long before artificial intelligence replaces us in every aspect of the workplace? Yet again I am forced to reference the Pixar movie,  “WALL-E,” a film where humans rely on AI for almost everything.

Marketers use AI to perfect their craft

When marketers are doing their job, many ten to take advantage of search engines and other tools on the web to locate relevant images or an important news story. With AI, this can be done faster because machine learning would allow the system to predict better what’s going to happen in the future based on current data.

“AI is an opportunity, not a threat to marketers. It can be utilized to finesse and deliver campaigns that hit customers in the moment and, critically, deliver tangible ROI to the business,” according to David Gosen, GM Global Platform Solutions and SVP International at Rocket Fuel Inc.

To get AI to a level where it can better market things to customers, will require a ton of user information. Companies like Google are able to target folks with the perfect advertisement due to the data it collects when customers are browsing the Internet while using Google services.

At the end of the day, it’s pretty clear where the world is going in terms of automation. A lot of people from all aspects of the workforce will eventually begin to compete with artificial intelligence. Seeking a new profession won’t be easy, and therein lies a problem that has yet to manifest itself.