Testing in Progress for New Tweetstorm Feature

Sourve: techcrunch.com

If you are a regular tweeter, you will agree that tweetstorm is a consistent occurrence on Twitter. They are a series of tweets that begin with a number and a slash but come from the same person and the number suggests that the information passed is the first section of a longer thought. Though they may seem hard to create, more especially for inexperienced users, twitter is testing a new feature that should make creating multi-tweet threads easy.

A tweetstorm from Fred wilson Source: avc.com

Twitter is famous for short conversations and passing small nuggets of information and has allocated 280 characters for each tweet. However, some users may have shown the need for more room to express their thoughts and make their point which led to the rise of tweetstorms. They are a way of sharing information that surpasses the 280 characters limit. Twitter shared and verified this information to Tech Crunch.

How the New Feature Works

Tweetstorm was realized by Andriod Police in the alpha version and was first available back in September in the Twitter app’s code. Though this looked like a hint for new future developments, at the time Twitter did not reveal what plans they had for the new feature or even suggest whether it would be publicly launched.

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The new feature allows you to create several tweets before actually posting them. You are even able to proofread and edit your information before sharing. It provides a “+” plus button on the right side of Twitter’s compose screen, where the buttons for adding photos, GIFs, polls and location are also available.

The plus button allows users to enter in the tweetstorm’s separate tweets on their own lines. After verifying the information, you click on the ‘Tweet All’ button and your tweets are then posted in the precise order by the app. It is not certain if tweetstormers will have a limited number of tweets though it seems each tweet will still maintain the 280 characters limit.

At the Trial Stage

The company confirmed that they are presently carrying out trials for the new feature in the beta and alpha versions of the Twitter apps for Ios and Android. Twitter did not, however, mention when the public will be able to access this new feature, though the expanded tests suggest that it is meant for the public.

Source: dailydot.com

Twitter, just like all the major tech companies, frequently test new features and even though not all are later launched for the public, tweetstorms are already popular and in use. Their commitment to enable its users to share more thoughts more easily gives the new feature an edge at becoming official.

Twitter is in the habit of launching a product among its user base then later making it official. Products like the hashtag, @reply and the user behavior patterns RT were organically created on Twitter’s platform and later embraced by a significant number of users. Tweetstorms could most likely follow this similar pattern.

From the Looks of it, Tweetstorm is Here to Stay

Tweetstorms were initially used by a restricted number of users who had adopted it, for instance, Marc Andreessen who was interested in posting lengthy information, similar to blog posts via tweets. Today, they have become part of an everyday routine on the Twitter platform.

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Currently, people use tweetstorms to share personal experiences, whether humorous or suspenseful, express their views regarding politics or breaking news and many more other issues. Originally, Twitter’s count limit was at 140 characters but even after it was doubled, their need continues to rise.

Nevertheless, some users have not fully embraced them raising concerns that its users may fill the timeline with lengthy posts and that they should instead create blogs. On the contrary, its fans love the idea that people can read them on the same platform without coercing them to go to some other website.

But if Twitter’s determination to simply the feature’s use and enable users to share more complete thoughts are anything to go by, tweetstorms are not going anywhere anytime soon. After beta trials, its present appearance is expected to change. Should Twitter make it official, how people will embrace it is worth waiting to note.