Looking for a 4K TV for Your Xbox One X or PS4 Pro? Here Are Some Good Ones

Source: Xbox One

Microsoft has finally released the Xbox One X to eager fans, and that means, many gamers now have little choice but to upgrade to a 4K television. Having a 4K set up is the best way to gain your monies worth from the Xbox One X, and even the PlayStation 4 Pro for that matter.

Now then, not everyone can afford to purchase a new TV, so for those who are lacking that massive budget, we recommend reading on the best 4K monitors for your favorite video gaming device. Bear in mind that computer monitors deliver better pixel density when compared to TVs, and this has everything to do with size.

Still, monitors won’t give off that cinematic experience, and the majority lack support for High Dynamic Range (HDR). These problems are not the same when comparing many 4K monitors on the market today, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then you’re at the right spot.

Alright then, let’s take a look at the top three 4K and HDR TVs for gaming and whatever else that might be important.

Source: Sony

Sony XBR55X900E 55-Inch

Sony is one of the leaders in display technology, and it shows here with the Bravia XBR55X900E with its quality 55-inch display. The screen is popping due to the use of LCD technology, but don’t go in expecting deep blacks that is comparable to an OLED panel. Nonetheless, the Japanese company did a good job, and HDR is made better because of this.

Another useful aspect of this particular product is the addition of motion flow XR and fine detail. Not to mention, the operating system is powered by Android TV, so you know it’s going to rock socks.

Get it from Amazon for $1,000.

Source: Samsung

Samsung Q9F QLED

This wouldn’t be a proper list if Samsung were not allowed to participate. What we have here is a 65-inch monster. It’s one of the best 4K displays out there with HDR support, which isn’t surprising since Samsung was the first company to release a TV with HDR.

Due to the Q9F’s bright screen, much of the quality from an image is preserved, and guess what? The colors are vivid, and even more so due to the OLED panel.

Furthermore, due to Samsung’s SDR technology, HDR content will look fantastic nonetheless.

Get it from Amazon for $3,300.

Source: LG

LG OLEDE7 series

With the OLEDE7, LG has positioned itself to take a piece of the 4K pie. The product is rocking a 55-inch OLED display that is one of the best on the market today. It offers similar quality to the more expensive W7 series, and not to mention, it still comes with Dolby Atmos support.

The design is quite thin, but it won’t outmatch the W7.

Get it from Amazon for $2,500.