Lamborghini and MIT Partner Team up for All-Electric Model

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At the present age, research is being fueled by sustainability and comfort. Supercar brand Lamborghini has teamed up with MIT engineers to create an all-new concept car dubbed the Third Millennium or, Terzo Millenio. The fully electric car will feature heightened power based on regeneration of kinetic energy, as well as, self-healing attributes.

This partnership represents one of the most unlikely collaborations and will change the face of the previously traditional supercar brand if it goes into production by giving it more of a Tesla feel. Mircea Dinca, associate professor of chemistry on the MIT team claims the new collaboration will allow out of the box thinking in designing new materials which answer the energy storage issues for the demands of electric models.

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Lamborghini to utilize super-capacitors in place of batteries

To this end, the Terzo Millennio is thinking of getting rid of batteries entirely and using super-capacitors instead. These are capacitors with extremely high capacitance values but lower limits for voltage, which just means they have the ability to store large amounts of electrical energy on low pressures which means it would be hard to push them down long circuits, making them a good choice for rapid discharge cycles as opposed to long-term energy storage.

The super-capacitors are also allegedly going to assist with regenerative braking which is an energy storage mode allowing the vehicle to brake while converting the kinetic to electric energy that would then be used to fuel the vehicle. In effect, that would allow the Lamborghini to be self-sufficient in effect. This technology fits with the concept of having a powerful electric car though it also presents several challenges when it comes to autonomy as one can only concentrate on the energy component or the autonomous angle but not both effectively.

Source: South China Morning Post

Terzo Millennio Features

The new Lamborghini will be powered by four motors for each wheel. In a bid to revolutionize the engine concept according to Lamborghini, this will allow for significant torque and transport of energy by wire as opposed to heavy drive-shafts. On the exterior, one may expect attention-grabbing bodywork. Part of the joint research between MIT and Lamborghini pertains to the use of carbon fiber body panels as a mode of energy storage. That would make the body an alternative battery.

Self-healing technology has been researched extensively in the construction industry for buildings designed to heal cracks by themselves before they develop into irredeemable fissures.

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The same technology may be adapted to detect small cracks and heal them before they expand into unsightly things which may hamper function. Of course, this may not be an option for accidents which cause sudden trauma to the bodywork. There are rumors the Terzo Millennio project is toying with the idea of autonomous driving even though the automaker has been vocally against fully autonomous models.

Instead, it is focusing on the idea of having the vehicle coach the driver on best techniques to shorten time around a track and increasing their skill behind the wheel. When all is said and done, Lamborghini is a traditional supercar brand that endorses internal combustion type of track racing. Making it into something that resembles Tesla is going to be a hard pill to swallow, though the Terzo Millennio is a way of making the best of a futuristic scenario when petrol based engines will be deemed archaic.