Nissan Takes It to the Next Level with Autech Sub-Brand

Source: Nissan

Nissan has announced they are expanding their series of Autech modified vehicles within Japan so as to meet demands of clients that are in need of sportiness on the wholesome models.

These will be unified under the Autech sub-brand, commencing with the unveiling of the new Serena Autech Minivan. This means collaboration with sub-brand Nismo which caters for the sportier track edition models. The re-launched sub-brand will bring together models labeled as Rider, Bolero, Axis and Mode Premier, which are going to be integrated under the sub-brand name. According to the head of Nissan’s performance operations, Takao Katagiri, the brand will continue to offer different programs to assist making clients enjoy their Nissan vehicles all the more.

Source: Nissan

Autech Expansion

For those who are not aware, Autech was established in 1986 as a Nissan subsidiary. It was meant to create specialty cars that were not meant for the mainstream. These include the popular four-door GTR, convertible versions of the S15 Silvia and many high-performance iterations of current standard Nissan Models. Because of the expansion of the NISMO brand in order to fill the performance niche, Autech is currently concentrating on a better customer experience.

The objective is for Autech cars to emphasize on premium craftsmanship with top-notch material quality. As stated before, the Serena Minivan will be the first to go through these modifications. It will be marketed as an exclusive silver and blue color scheme. It will also come available with upgraded suspension and cosmetic enhancements. However, it is not going to be Nismo type of hardcore.

Source; Nissan Global Newsroom

Autech is apparently also offering a personalization program for the models which is going to include a number of color choices as well as materials. Thus far there has not been any talk about the power-train enhancements. This should not come as a surprise as while Nismo continues to focus on performance, the lineup for Autech is going to utilize a quality driven approach which means orientation towards materials and cabin comfort which are all keyed under the words it uses, ‘attention to detail’.

Following Nismo Road Cars Expansion

The program will also be specific to the Japanese market for the time being. This follows the plans to expand different NISMO road cars. The firm already introduced the GTR Nismo, the Fairlady Z Nismo, the Juke Nismo and the Note Nismo. In the same manner as Nismo, the Autech brand is also going to be rolled out according to Nissan’s model line-up.

Nissan aims through the two sub-brands, to bring the excitement of high-performance models to as many customers in the local market as possible. Hopefully, the company will expand the market consideration to North America and Europe within a short time. This is probably more of a testing phase to gauge reactions to the expanded line-up and how the customers will react to the customized versions of different models.

Source: Nissan Global

It has a higher likelihood of success since the Japanese market is so familiar with Nismo and Autech. Nissan also introduced the Nismo Heritage program which supports the owners of the Nissan performance vehicles through providing replacement parts for some of the heritage vehicles. It will begin with offering parts for the R32 Skyline GT-R in December and hopefully move on to other models like the R33 and R34.