Amazon Pushes Forward With Alexa for Business: Smart Speaker in Your Office

Source: Amazon

Amazon doesn’t just want you to use its voice assistant at home, the company also wants you to take it to work. If the retail giant continues to improve Alexa in a huge way, the device could replace real-life office assistants, or at least, make for a much easier job.

At the company’s annual re:Invent conference, it revealed plans to make Alexa more friendly for the working world. With this mind, fans should look out for a new platform known as Alexa for Business, and it will come with workplace specific skills preinstalled.

Source: Amazon

What will Alexa for Business include?

Chances are, Amazon will add a few apps for data organization, enhanced security, and teleconferences. It would be great if the enhanced security feature could authenticate several people in a single space. Interestingly enough, some sources are saying Amazon will likely launch a new marketplace designed specifically for Alexa for Business.

The retail giant is definitely attempting to change the smart speaker market with this business offering, and no doubt Google and Microsoft will follow should Amazon find huge successes within the sector.

Here’s a clue of some of the things Amazon is thinking to implement with its Alexa for Business platform:
•”Bring your Alexa to work. Voice enable your company”
•”Building smart conference rooms with Alexa”
•”New skills for Alexa for Business”
•”Hack your office: Building the skills that help you at work”

Amazon took the tech world by storm three years ago with the release of the first Alexa device. There was nothing like it, and it went on to become a huge success for the company. Fast forward into 2017 and the retail giant has several Alexa products on the market, and they are much smarter as well.

Other companies have come on board for a piece of the pie as well. Google is the most prominent with its Google Home speakers, and you know what? These devices are really good, and that’s great news because competition will likely push Amazon to do more with Alexa.

Even Microsoft is trying to get a piece of the action with its Cortana box from Harmon Kardon. The software lags behind what Amazon and Google are offering with their own smart speaker box, but it could catch up in the future.

What about Apple, then?

Apple is also working on a smart speaker device. It was scheduled for release before the end of 2017, but the company has chosen to delay the launch until the first half of 2018. With this delay, Apple has little choice but to wow the consumer space with this product, or give up the market entirely to Amazon and Google.