How to Mute Conversations in Gmail

Source: Time

Ever wished for a feature that could help you reduce inbox clutter? If you range here, you probably have no idea that you can mute conversations in Gmail. Well…there is a trick! Gmail allows you to either hide emails or avert notifications that could distract you from your work. This short how-to mute inbox guide empowers you to:

  • Archive all your muted emails
  • Archive future emails that are from the sender you had muted previously

Steps to muting conversations in Gmail

When it comes to muting conversations in Gmail, the steps are just the same for iOS and android save for the appearance. To mute conversations;

  • Long-press the email that you want to stop sending you notifications. You will notice that the top banner will change color from red to white in the case of iOS. In Android, the banner changes from red to gray.
  • Move to the upper-right end of the banner and click the three-dot menu. It will bring a drop-down list and from it choose “mute”
  • After doing so, the muted email will disappear and you will get a notification on the same

You can also jump these steps and use the keyboard shortcut m.

Importance of muting conversations

Wondering where this feature comes in handy? Here are some exceptional ways you can put this feature to use:

  • Mute unimportant emails that you can view later on
  • Prevent distractions from conversations that don’t need your attention at the moment

Switch notifications from automated services you are subscribed to (such as e-commerce sites).

Source: Gmail

Can I find muted emails?

Of course you can! If you can access deleted emails from trash, you can definitely get a hold of your muted emails. For this, you are not restricted to one way but you can explore three ways to perform this action. All you have to do is follow one of these options:

Method 1: Locate the hamburger menu from the top left corner and choose all mail option. Doing so allows you to see all the messages including the ones you had muted.

Method 2: Click the magnifying glass icon located at the farthest right corner. Once you tap the icon, a search box appears to allow you to type in the muted subject you need to revisit. Type in IS: muted and it will bring you the whole list of muted conversation for you to select from.

Method 3: Using the magnifying glass icon again, you can do a more specified search. This is through typing in the conversation or subject you had muted in the search box. You will, therefore, find what you are looking for.

Use any of the methods that you find easy and convenient.

Can you undo muting?

Mistakes do happen and you may find yourself in this situation when you mute an important email from your employer for instance. Gmail techs had this in mind thus allow you to undo the action.

The moment you mute a conversation, a small window which lasts for a few seconds appears. The bottom right corner of the window allows you to undo the muting. All you have to do is tap ‘undo’.

Can I unmute a conversation?

If you have muted a conversation by mistake you are in luck because this not equal to deleting the search history, Gmail has allowed you to undo the action. Just follow these easy steps;

  • First, you need to find the muted email (as we had shown you above)
  • On finding, long-press the email and move to the three dot menu and select ‘unmute’ for iOS. For Android, the process is the same but the option to choose from the menu is ‘move to inbox’

With these two steps, your conversation will be returned to inbox so are the future emails from the particular sender. This means you will get notifications as usual after unmuting.