This Facebook Algorithm Can Tell You Everything About Your Photos

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Do you know even if you don’t add any caption or descriptions to your Photos, Facebook can figure out what the photo is all about? Yes, you read that right. Facebook has developed a Facebook Algorithm that allows identifying what the picture is all about even when no description is added manually.

Whenever anyone uploads a photo on Facebook, its algorithm decodes the picture. Whether you are playing games, enjoying the beach view, or uploaded a selfie, the algorithm can instantly detect the photo details automatically.

A few months back Facebook released the news about this new technology where they have mentioned about this new recognition advance technology. Using this advanced technology, Whenever anyone uploads a picture, Facebook instantly figures out the story behind the photo.

Source: Facebook

How the algorithm recognizes your photo

This algorithm is so powerful that can detect senses, emotions, people’s expressions, and more. Also, whether the photo is about an individual picture or group photo can be detected with this technology. However, it’s still under improvements and developers are working hard to use this technology for making Facebook more advanced.

Below, I have mentioned a simple procedure that you can apply to know what Facebook algorithm thinks about your Photo. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below and you will able to see it.

Step 1: First of all log in to your Facebook account with your username and password.


Step 2:  Now right-click on the photo and click on the inspect option. Alternatively, you can shortcut Ctrl+ Shift + I

Facebook Algorithm,

Step 3:  After that look for the image alt tag, in the image alt tag you will find what Facebook has identified your picture.

You can apply this same method to any picture you have uploaded on facebook.

Facebook Algorithm is improving continuously, everyday new features are coming up to make this place awesome. As this is the world’s biggest online social community where billions of people come and share their thoughts, we can hope for this new photo recognition technology, Facebook will go one step ahead.