Change of Guard at LG Mobile Moves Toward IoT Focus

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Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are is an old cliché that I find it still applicable in this case of LG management shift. For close to three years, LG mobile communications company has been headed by a sales and marketing guru, Juno Cho.

Recording various success stories albeit, at small-scale level, LG mobile communications company is of the view is time to shift gears and focus on the internet of things (IoT) services and generally revitalize a stalled handset and display line of business.

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Exit Juno, Enter Jeong-Hwan

Jeong-hwan Hwang the newly named chief at LG mobile electronics boast of an impressive resume. He is one of the founding think tanks that spearheaded the development of earlier LG smartphones as well as championed for the adoption of the OLED TVs technology.

Having many feathers to his cap, JeongHwan, besides his recent appointment to head the LG electronics division, he is also the head of the newly constituted Convergence Business Development Center. A production line that directly reports to the Chief executive officer that is tasked with interlinking smartphones, TVs and other numerous auto-components.

This is a clear indication that LG Mobile Communications Company is setting the ground for more innovative products that would rope in IoT business laced with artificial intelligence.

Sweeping realignment of LG Mobile Communications

Struggling to stay afloat in an already crowded competitive mobile industry LG mobile company is at the unenviable spot. The LG mobile communication company not only underperformed against its direct competitors (read Samsung and apple) but also putting to scale with other LG electronics line of production it’s a pale shadow of its former selfglory. To put this into perspective, as Samsung was recording $12.9 billion operating profit, LG mobiles was reporting a $331 million loss last quarter!

Faced with the current predicaments, just like any other rational business company would do, LG opted to inject fresh blood into its management portfolio. Key areas that have been affected by the management shake-up include the chief technology officer as well as the global marketing center.

Dr. Park Il-pyung will take over the role of CTO while Han Chang-hee, the immediate former appliance marketing communication chief is entrusted with spearheading the global marketing division of LG Electronics. According to The LG communique, the promotions are effective as of 1st January 2018 while appointed individuals are to resume new roles as of 1st December 2017.

Source: LG

Turbulent times await LG electronics

Looming trade restrictions to cushion home-based appliance, mainly Whirlpool from being cannibalized by the foreign appliance manufacturers. The US International Trade Commission has proposed tariffs to keep the likes of Samsung and LG to check in the US market. The final stroke rest with the President trump. Your guess is as good as mine on the president directive. However, one thing that remains clear is that LG can’t afford to let both its chief money maker as well as the mobile division to both collapses

As a remedial measure to change its fortune besides the sweeping managerial changes, LG electronics has created a businessbusiness company. The division is to be spearheaded by Kwon Soon-Hwang.

It remains to be seen if the newly cajoled team of technocrats that boast of years in research and development and brandishing several device to device connectivity patents under their names will change the dwindling fortunes of the limping LG mobile communication company. I pray it does.

A worthy third mobile communication company force to take on Samsung and Apple means consumers will be spoilt for choices!