Top Five Digital Transformation Trends for 2018

Source: Creative Commons

The year 2017 is coming to an end, and in just a few weeks, we’ll be singing happy new year all around the world. It’s been an eventful year with quite a few advancements where digital transformation is concerned, but 2018 could turn out to be much better.

As we look bad at all the things that made 2017 a great year for technology, we must now look to the future and what the next year could bring to the table. Some of the things we’re going to list will likely make their mark in 2018, and that’s primarily if there’s not a single disruption.

Source: Creative Commons

So let’s kick this off and prepare ourselves for the future because the digital transformation is not slowing down for anyone, not even your beloved grandma.

The end of 4G and the birth of 5G

OK, so 5G is already a thing, but most mobile carriers have yet to adopt the technology for consumer use. However, with the rise of the Internet of Things, mobile Internet providers will have little choice but to kick-start the 5G choo-choo train.

As we’ve stated above, change is happening fast, and as such, better mobile internet speed is required to keep things flowing in the right direction.

Edge Computing

Most of what we enjoy on the Internet today is done in the cloud. There will come a time when an entire operating system is cloud-based, and all video games are streamed from over the network. Now then, with the sheer amount of data being spread over the web, an improvement to cloud computing is required.

That’s where Edge Computing comes into play. It’s a system where data processing is done at the edge of the network, close to the source of the data. This makes for faster access to data in the cloud, so with this in place, streaming content should happen a lot faster

Artificial intelligence finally goes mainstream

We’re all going crazy over AI these days, and for a good reason. However, the technology, while very important for the future, has yet to sufficiently prove itself outside of consumer electronics. It has yet to conquer marketing, analytics, robotics, customer service, and just the business world in general.

Amazon is hoping to make some changes in this area with a business version of its smart speaker box, Alexa. Others will surely follow, and from there, AI will gain mainstream acceptance.

Blockchain rise up the ranks

As Bitcoin continues to grow, Blockchain is managing to ride along for its own success. If you’re still living in the dark, then realize that Blockchain is the first digital wallet for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, and as such, it will likely take off in a big way come 2018.

Because of its ability to store and protect digital assets, the software might find its way at the heart of thousands of small businesses come next year.

The slow death of virtual reality

A lot of people are quite fascinated with VR, but personally, I’m more for augmented reality (AR) than anything else. You see, AR is excellent because it doesn’t close the user away from the real world, and it will power a lot more experiences that allow folks to manipulate objects right before their very eyes.

Look at Pokemon GO if you’re seeking a reason to believe why AR is going to walk all over VR.