Amazon Now Focused on Artificial Intelligence in Indian Market

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Source: Amazon AWS

Amazon is an e-commerce giant worldwide that we all know. They invest tons of money not only in the e-commerce field but also in many other fields like cloud server and many other technical fields. Amazon is growing on a global scale and yes there are millions of employees’ working day & night for them. But there is artificial intelligence also to reduce the burden of work from the employees.

Artificial Intelligence in Indian Markets

Now Amazon is focusing on using more and more artificial intelligence in Indian markets to push the Indian market. Artificial intelligence works this way like you visited Amazon a few minutes ago and searched for some ethnic wear, and now you are using Facebook, there on your Facebook wall, you will see those Amazon ads of ethnic wears.

Or you were on Amazon a week ago and searched for something, but you did not buy anything. So next time whenever you will visit Amazon, on the home page of Amazon you’ll get to see that search results in those you searched a week ago. These ads and the search results are not shown you by the employees of Amazon, these are done by the Artificial Intelligence, or you can say robots.

So, Amazon is now willing to use this Artificial Intelligence in the Indian market as much as they can. Because day by day the competition is getting tougher, and appointing an employee against every consumer is not possible. There these virtual robots can help and keep an eye on every consumer’s activity on Amazon.

This technology is now getting used by not only Amazon but also by most of the multinational companies. They also use it for occasional or festival periods to drop those ads into all your windows whichever need internet to run like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.

Amazon is looking forward to using AI to make the reviewing more conversational. This will suggest the consumer’s more and better choices. There are many random customers who give fake reviews on the products of Amazon; they are using this technology to prevent the fake review problem. The director for machine learning at Amazon Mr. Rajeev Rastogi once said “Rationally, one customer will not post 7-8 reviews in a week. A genuine customer will take ample time to review a product or will do it once at a time. There are many such signals that the algorithm looks out for before removing these fake reviews”.

It also helps the Start-ups to give their business a fine start and helps them to know many things about their new business. “We have witnessed tremendous success with Amazon Launchpad on a global scale and are delighted to see the positive reception in India. This is an opportunity for Indian Start-ups to get access to big consumer markets nationally and internationally. There is a booming entrepreneurial culture in India and through Amazon Launchpad, we hope to augment this in the Indian youth and contribute to the India story” Said the global head of Amazon Launchpad Sateesh Srinivasan.