Battery Life Hacks: Saving the Juice Inside Your iPhone

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It is an apparent fact that most times we find ourselves in situations that force us to run around with adapters, wires, and even brick-sized mobile chargers just to get on with the day. To many, this is quite ridiculous. Well, worry no more because after today, you will no longer be a typical iPhone user.

If you could bank on your phone to get you through the day, you would undoubtedly be less upset, work efficiently and have more peace. Hence, there are several small moves to make that come to reality. Interestingly, each one takes only seconds to execute. However, if you want to increase your iPhone’s battery life, then I would recommend making these moves together.

Switch Bluetooth off

Unless you put on an Apple Watch (for which Bluetooth is the most innovative way of connecting to your phone), Bluetooth exhausts your battery for no apparent reason. You can disjoin all devices right in Control Center, which you can access anywhere by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. To entirely turn off Bluetooth though, you must go to ‘Settings’ then to ‘Bluetooth’ and switch it off.

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Optional: Turning LTE off

In Germany, the service providers are mean. With either 1 or 2 GB of data each month, this is not only helpful but also necessary. Apparently, you probably might still have Wi-Fi in most areas, despite having more bandwidth. If you desire to switch this off, go to ‘Cellular’ to ‘Cellular Data Options’ then enable LTE and choose ‘Off.’

Turn notifications off

If you have many apps on your phone, you can allow few to send notifications. For instance, you can use alerts and banners, for calls and calendar events, plus badges for anything that is not quite urgent but would eventually undergo checking.

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Switch off auto-brightness to save the battery

Reducing your phone’s brightness is an effective way of saving your battery life. However, as long as auto-brightness continues to lower and raise it without your command, it becomes worthless. Though hidden you can access ‘Auto-Brightness’ under ‘General.’

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Optional: Initiate Grayscale

Another option is through the Grayscale, that when activated will make your screen appear black and white most of the time. Furthermore, you can enable Grayscale by tapping on ‘Color Filters.’

Place brightness between 10% and 25%

Now that your phone won’t interfere with the brightness setting you decide on; you can introduce Control Center once more and set it between 10% and 25%. Moreover, in most surroundings, this is enough.

Turn on ‘Reduce Motion’

Reduce Motion’ is located under ‘Accessibility.’ The main role of the ‘Reduce Motion’ is to change the animation each time you press the home button. As a result, you will get a cross-fade instead of a “zoom out” effect.

Another essential function that it performs also is to remove the parallax effect. Parallax effect refers to the artificial sense of depth developed if you tilt your phone in a variety of applications and on the home screen.

Source: The Mac Observer
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Once you activate ‘Reduce Motion,’ a new option will avail that note, ‘Auto-Play Message Effects’ and if it is not yet disabled do so promptly. Currently, a variety of animations and filters exist with which you can convey your messages, and these affect the battery life.

Turn off 3D Touch

Under Accessibility also, you can access 3D Touch. Despite coming with a few excellent features, the vibration arising from the pressure tap has a negative impact on the battery life thus there is needed to switch the 3D touch off.