How to Install OnePlus 5T’s Face Unlock App on Your Android

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A few months ago, OnePlus released its 2017 flagship smartphone symbolized by 5-teacups, each having a teabag dipped in them. It was quite a smart way of launching the actual name of the “new” smartphone –the OnePlus 5T. The phone came with an 18:9 Optic AMOLED, 6-inch display, and a unique Face Unlock feature, as some of the most admirable assets.

Well, realistically speaking, OnePlus technology seems to be quite above the game for its high performing apps, especially the previous ONE PLUS 3 Camera, the high sensitive fingerprint scanner and now the amazingly accurate Face Unlock feature, which opens the phone in less than 0.5 seconds. All these were hardly installable on other phones. But this time around, folks are getting smarter with trying to have OnePlus apps running on their Android phones.

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How to get the OnePlus 5T Face Unlock on Android?

Major Requirement: before anything, confirm that your phone runs on Android 7.0 or higher. Go to ‘Settings’, scroll down to the end of the screen, then click ‘About Phone’. The version should appear under ‘Device Information’.

Get the AutoInput App  

Go to Google Play Store and search for the AutoInput app -to locate it faster, simply key in the word AutoInput in the search box. You’ll be asked to enter the “AutoInput beta program” as a requirement for using the app. Well, you can bypass being a beta tester if you want, although it won’t hurt if you join.    

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Enroll for a Free Trial

After you’ve accessed the app, open it and click on the Start Trial link –this allows you to use the app for 7-days without having to pay. In case you’ll need to use it after the expiring of the trial period, you’ll pay $1.99. Ideally, it’s advisable that you test the app and only buy after you are completely sure you’ll need it for regular use.

Make AutoInput Service Accessible

This is a crucial step for devices that run on Android Nougat; you’ll need to enable the accessibility service in the app. A prompt in red letters should come up asking you to enable the provision. As in, at the Settings “switch” of your Android device, down there, you’ll see the AutoInput tab –tap the button to enable it.

On the contrary, if your gadget runs on Android 8.0 Oreo, you are ready to go. Off cause should see a confirmation text informing that the AutoInput accessibility service is enabled, on both systems. 

Switch on Auto Dismiss Keyguard

This step applies to both the Nougat and Oreo. You should be able to see the standalone features in the app, got it? – now press the Auto Dismiss keyguard button to enable it.

Setting up Trusted Face

This a crucial stage where you’ll now set up your face (also the security) image. Move to Settings > Security, and tap on the Smart Lock. You’ll be asked to prove ownership by entering your current pattern or PIN –off cause that is if you already have either of them.

As you complete setting up Trusted Face, you’ll be required to scan your face -thus make sure the place you are is well lit.

Confirm the Face Unlock is working on your Android

As of now, your phone should be able to recognize your face and open the screen lock. All you’ll need is to press the power button and look at the front camera. Ideally, the Face Unlock feature eliminates the long processes where you had to key in your pattern, PIN or even scan your fingerprint to be able to operate the phone.

Whether this feature, on your Android, is secured like the actual OnePlus 5T Face Unlock -that may not be guaranteed, just as it is with the other apps in Google Play Store, which claim to secure Android phones through facial recognition.