AI Is Teaching Us How to Nap Properly and Boost Productivity

In Spanish culture, it’s a real privilege (and of high importance) to take naps after a hard day’s work. Whether it’s vital for you to have some rest through the day or not, taking a restful pause throughout the day has been proven to boost productivity. Some experts even state that our bodies are actually designed to sleep two separate sessions of four hours each, rather than a full 8-hour shift, each day.

Sooner or later, artificial intelligence began catching on to the napping trend. Silentmode, a mask designed for relaxation and boosting human efficiency, has been introduced through a Kickstarter campaign to help us achieve to optimal amount of energy at any time.

Source: Kickstarter

But first, let me take a powernap…

Does anybody actually know how to nap like a pro? Although some say ignorance is bliss, knowing how to use our bodies in the best way possible could be very important. With some help from artificial intelligence and a smart mask, we can achieve this quite easily.

Silentmode is updating and renewing blindfolds in order to help us rest well whenever we need it – both while wide awake or enjoying a nice slumber.

Silentmode: AI designed for your peace of mind

In a nutshell, Silentmode is a comfy, 360º memory foam that their developers created not only to give users the chance to nap anytime/anywhere, but also as a traveling companion that can guide people by using smart algorithms using data from their habits and adapting to their needs.

Source: Kickstarter

In this way, to increase your output, the AI-based gadget it’s capable of helping you induce sleep, switching off your mind, easing meditation, and calming the brain through the user’s visual and hearing abilities while connected to the smart mask.

In addition to the promise of total blackout and high-quality audio, Silentmode also allows easy packing and transport, as well as unrivaled comfort. On the other hand, beyond the sleepy gadget itself, the only thing you need to track and learn about your health and relaxation levels would be a smartphone.

Algorithms that teach humans how to breathe

Luckily for us humans, we don’t need to think about how to breathe. Instead, we do it without really focusing on the action itself. I cannot imagine how complicated it would be if we had to dedicate time and energy to inhaling and exhaling as an aggregate to our usually stressful, busy lives. Not to mention how many people would probably die because of their inability to handle the task.

Source: Kickstarter

I bring that into account because, ironically, Silentmode’s artificial intelligence implementation will teach us how to focus, and although we don’t have to think too much about breathing, there’s a lot of misinformation related to the importance of properly doing it. How it can have a positive impact in the way you live or how you do your daily tasks is also very important.

Finally, this gadget might well be great for those of use who also love having some control. Users are able to play their own sounds via Spotify or any other music app in conjunction with the Breathonics nap music included with the device. Are you ready to manage your sleep logistics with artificial intelligence? Get your immersive smart mask here. Silentmode will be available for shipment as early as April 2018.