Build Your Own R2-D2 Robot Using Raspberry Pi Zero

R2-D2 is a fictional astromech droid character from the Star Wars saga. It was a major character in the series and was mainly portrayed by radio-controlled props and CGI models. R2-D2 was built by Tony Dyson, designed by artist Ralph McQuarrie, and co-developed by John Stears.

Raspberry PI Zero comes with 512 Mb of RAM, 1GHZ CPU and able to give an output of 1080 video adaptability, hence giving a rich computer experience at a very affordable cost.

Source: Lucasfilm

Building an R2-D2 robot using Raspberry Pi zero is done with the help of the cheapest board available, EXPLORER pHAT Board, an easy to use an experimental board. The tutorial for building your own has been explained as follows. Have a look…

Building Your Own R2-D2 Robot Using Raspberry Pi Zero

  1. Soldering the GPIO:

GPIO is a 40 pin bracket needs to be soldered to the board to get access to the Raspberry Pi zero.

Sometimes if using a different kind of Raspberry, no soldering is required as most GPIO are available pre-soldered.

  1. Toy Modifications:

An R2-D2 toy has to be brought from a local store and then modifications have to be made to work it as per our wish.

Motors were placed and attached and soldered with spare wires for further use in future. All the major components are also placed and installed.

  1. LEDs:

LEDs are placed as eyes of the robots. These are given connection with a 5v power soldered from the pHAT board.

  1. Power source:

To power up the R2-D2, connect it to the Raspberry Pi. Before powering up to don’t forget to connect all the peripherals properly.

After that, you have to need an internet connection to proceed as it requires to install the EXPLORER software to boot up the device with Raspberry Pi.

  1. R2-D2 coding:

Python is an easy language used widely used by a lot of Raspberry Pi users to code the R2-D2.After each coding, it is suggested to save the updated work. So that nothing got lost in case of any accidents.

Source: Adafruit
  1. Codes importing:

Codes are imported from external libraries to enable the robot to interface and use the EXPLORER Phat board and work. The other codes are used to control the pace function and sleep function of the robot.

A method is used as a continuous running loop inside the bot to test the codes out. Moreover,a container is placed so that any kind of data can be placed and stored in the form in numbers ranging from 1 to 5.

  1. Movement of R2-D2:

Now it’s time to turn on the motors and make a move to see everything is working fine.

If the movement is in the wrong direction, try changing the polarity of the terminals. We will introduce different movements in the bot by using different codes.

  1. Code test:

After using a test code, have to force stop the running code by pressing Ctrl + C. This enables the motors to turn off which results in the turning off the output and the bot stops blinking eyes.

  1. R2-D2 Control:

Using the RUN>RUN>Module, we can control the movement of the bot. It will continue to move until force stopped.

Finally, the procedures of your very own Raspberry Pi Zero R2-D2 bot have been discussed in details, now it’s your turn to build your own project from scratch. For some easy access, you can install USB type port to charge your device.

Moreover, you can run your bot with a wi-fi connection or over cellular data. Hence build your own and share with us your project details. We will be happy to guide you if you need any suggestion.