Oumuamua Alien Theory Debunked after Further Investigation

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Oumuamua had Thick Grit Insulation

In the previous article, the jury was still out concerning the space rock Oumuamua

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A team from Northern Ireland officially debunked the theory that the space rock was an alien space probe sent to research this part of the universe. The scientists from Queen’s University instead believe it to be a massive object with a crusty outer layer which protected it from wear and tear of travel not to mention the heat of our star. It is considered to be the first asteroid to have come from another solar system. However, according to Stephen Hawking’s Breakthrough Listen Project that was tasked with seeking evidence of civilizations beyond the Earth, the only thing that is foreign about the rock is it came from another star system.

Oumuamua had Thick Grit Insulation

The team featuring scientists from Canada, America, Taiwan, and Chile claimed they had made a few observations about the chemical structure of the object. Dr. Michael Bannister, who is a part of the team stated the greyish red object that was covered in grit and dust looked like the asteroids in this system. The surface composition was apparently made from a layer of insulating material which may include organic compounds. According to Professor Alan Fitzsimmons, who is based at Queens as well, the half-meter thick coating of the organic mixed materials on the surface may have protected the water-ice-rich visitor from being vaporized when Oumuamua experienced temperatures in excess of over 300 degrees centigrade.

Research to Focus on Space Rock Origins

This research is the latest in a number of papers published concerning the cigar-shaped asteroid.

Source: The Sun

There is still a bit of mystery about Oumuamua considering the lack of consensus on the origins of the object. The original theory was it may have been an element of alien technology sent to research on different parts of the cosmos. The theory was supported by its physical appearance which is unusual for an asteroid or comet and would likely minimize friction. The object orbits at an angle that is contrary to the behavior of most comets which follow the normal ellipse. It also tumbles smoothly and does not move like other asteroids. It is said to have entered the solar system on the 2nd of September traveling 27 miles per second. It then made its closest approach to our sun before spinning 15 million miles under the Earth’s orbit which was on the 14th of October.

In any case, whether or not the object had alien technology does not take away from the fact the discovery is an exciting one.

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According to Dr. Bannister, it is like a piece of driftwood that gives clues as to what is actually going on outside of the solar system. Allegedly, the great thing about the driftwood is it tells one there are trees which are growing on distant shores. That would make the object evidence the manner planets formed and grew within this solar system is occurring in the same way in other star systems. As such, future research on Oumuamua which is still going to take a few years to leave the solar system would be concentrated on its origin.