‘Point’ Is a Revolutionary Smart Home Security Device With No Privacy Issues

Your home is your sanctuary, therefore, when you’re there, you need to feel safe at all times. Chances are, you’re not able to afford the services of a home security company or a host of security-related cameras plastered around your humble abode.

Worry not because there’s a product on the horizon that could allow for cheaper home security without a bunch of wires and devices. We’re talking about a device known as Point, and the company calls it the friendly home alarm.

A complete home alarm system at your fingertips

With Point, the company behind this Kickstarter project says there’s no need for invasive cameras. Should something go wrong at home, the product has the ability to alert you, your family, friends, an even your neighbors.

Point takes advantage of machine learning and environmental sensors

For such a small device to have the capabilities of aiding in the protection of homes, it must be packing a punch; therefore, it makes sense to find out the product takes advantage of machine learning and environmental sensors.

Here’s the thing, Point can alert users of loud music, sudden changes in temperature, home intrusions and more. All this information is sent to the user’s smartphone, and the device does this while respecting the privacy of the home.

This thing is pretty smart

You see, Point can tell when you’re leaving home, and as such, will promptly switch to the burglar alarm. Furthermore, if you’re more interested in manually turning on and off the alarm, there’s an option for that.

The product can even detect smoke or if someone is attempting to break into your home. When these things are happening, it will alert the entire community.

For this to happen, the owner must add their friends, family, and neighbors to the official app. From there, Point will alert anyone in your group of strange happenings within your home.

Additionally, if your home suffers from high humidity, this is something Point will “point” out over a period of time. You see, when there’s high humidity, the risk for mold is present, and that’s a problem for every homeowner.

We should point out that it runs on a rechargeable battery that lasts from six months to an entire year. Moreover, this is a second generation product, and according to the creators, thousands of people are using Point around the world.

How does Point work?

“By combining sound and environmental sensors with artificial intelligence, Point can understand what is happening in your home. It is trained to detect specific events, such as intrusions, smoke, and different types of alarms. When an event that matter to you occur it is immediately forwarded to your phone. Most processing happens on Point and raw sound never leaves the device. This way your privacy is protected,” according to the developers.

The product is a true smart home security device, but unlike competing gadgets, it doesn’t need cameras and your privacy is always protected.