6 Best Apps on the iPhone X for 2018

Looking for the best apps for your iPhone X going into the new year? There are lots of cool and well-designed apps for the device to check out. The earlier generation apps developed by Apple may not work smoothly with the new generation iPhone, so feel free to use this guide to help you navigate the best apps that you can easily use on the newest Apple device!

Nothing much to worry about as most these apps are getting optimized to work with the new iPhone X. The same A11 Bionic processor chip used in iPhone 8/8 plus has been carried on the newer device, so it has everything you need to run any app you desire.

6 Best apps for the iPhone X:

Most of the apps suit the interface and works perfectly on the iPhone X after getting optimized. Apple is developing new apps in order to work perfectly fine in the new iPhone X. Some of our favorite apps which are the best apps for iPhone X 2018 are being discussed and overview in details:


HALIDE, iPhone X 2018, Sanvada

Halide is one of the best photography app being featured in the iPhone X. It has a good interface along with depth maps and a great photographic set. Halide has adapted itself well with the new hardware and interface of the iPhone X.


Spotify is the best streaming app available in the Apple store. It allows users to stream music and also includes a great library. The recent update made Spotify look really good in the interface of the iPhone X.


Pocket is a very handy app for iPhone as it allows the users to store links, articles, video, etc for easy offline viewing later on. The user interface of the app gives a very comfy reading experience.


1Password is a security app which runs alongside the Face ID app. It provides a secured vault to keep and store necessary documents away from other’s access.


Google Earth is a very good app which uses the advantage of the infinity display of the phone and gives a clearer and stretched out view of the maps.


Carrot Weather is the best weather app being updated to fit the iPhone X. It gives accurate information of weather after getting connected to weather underground.


These are our 6 Best apps for iPhone X 2018 on the Apple store. The apps that we have discussed here are highly developed and optimized to suit and work perfectly and be compatible with the new hardware and the user interface of the iPhone X. This article will make it easy for you to understand the possibility of the new available best apps for your new iPhone. Look out for the new and updated apps that will suit the hardware and user interface of your iPhone X properly.



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