Nissan’s Future Cars: Self-Driving AI That Will Also Read Your Mind

Honestly speaking, have you ever wondered about the moment experts started focusing on AI in technological advancement, which led to us being a bit lazier? I mean, maybe that’s the reason why the first autonomous car tests have failed: a bad approach of its possible applications. Otherwise, why would humans like machines to roam everywhere without their supervision? Until now, this has remained an unanswered question and just another kind of worldwide industrialization. The need for people to drive anymore has become an absurd argument.

Though, generalizing have never been good, and for different automakers like Nissan, the idea of taking the “driver” out of driving has a whole new meaning. Introducing the “brain-to-vehicle” skill for taking part in next autonomous cars of the brand, the company bets for a kind of mind-reader AI feature, revealed not long ago as a warming up for the long-awaited coming CES 2018.

Source: Nissan

Hey Nissan, can your AI actually read my mind?

Of course, it’s not like Nissan’s making diviner cars for directly predicting your future love or economical life situations — But your next manoeuvres and where are you going, though.

On the cutting edge of green and autonomous tech, Nissan’s “brain-to-vehicle” (B2V) AI has to be with giving the drivers control if they want, but still making self-driving feature the norm. In a nutshell, the AI-based B2V system will predict which driving actions you are thinking to do, like turning or breaking, and then initiate those gestures on a range of 0.2 to 0.5 seconds before your physical body actually reacts.

Source: Nissan

So the car will read your mind through a technically semi-autonomous pilot system, but you’ll need as on a sci-fi scene of a movie like Avatar, to connect with your Nissan using a skullcap device that will measure the brain activity and decode your brainwaves.

From X-Men to AI nowadays: Professor X mind-controlled driving style

As company’s senior researcher Lucian Gheorghe states, “Nissan is the very first manufacturer that is bringing real-time brain activity in vehicles as a means for enhancing driving pleasure.” Nevertheless, although experimenting with ways to enhance manual driving and make it more fun sounds great, it’s a huge responsibility that involve security precautions that encompass subjects from mental states to its general health.

For example, unless cars start getting fully “handoff” in terms of human driving the way Google’s Waymo division envision self-driving, or they start being able to take off and tour the skies, how will we determine who’s in mental shape to a proper control? Or how to distinguish if the person’s hasn’t a too distracted overall behavior to take control quickly enough of those naves? Not to mention the alcohol and driving control, a factor already hard to handle over the globe highways.

Source: Renegade

However, so far we know Nissan’s plans to launch and keep the B2V system fully manual with just a minor technological assist, which will be essential for certainly make self-driving systems safer before leaving them over the roads by themselves, or in other words, AI that will first learn from us how to properly do drive — And hopefully a good example to follow, ha!

Be that as it may, for the rest of details as how much will it cost the experience of driving by your brain connected to a super smart Nissan and other open questions, what remain is to wait: I have the impression this 2k18 CES would take our breaths away like never before.