Tech Trends That Will Define 2018 and Beyond

Anyone can predict how the future will look regarding technology, but there is a difference between guessing what will be and prior experience in accurately predicting what lies ahead.  Strategy and global design firm Frog recently released their forecasts for what will define the new year regarding technology.  The firm has experience with forecasts of future technologies and this year’s forecast in tech trends look as though they will define 2018 and beyond.

Source: Frog Global Design

Last year, Frog made their predictions for 2017 and correctly forecasted that buildings would harness the power of nature.  Another correct forecast had to do with businesses would continue using artificially-intelligent bots that would run effectively.  Since the firm has made previous forecasts that have come true, let’s look at what the future may look like.

More Companies Will Join Google in the Algorithm Hall of Fame

Artificial intelligence and algorithms continue to play a vital role in many fields and Google’s PageRank feature (the ability of the search engine to display the optimal results at the top consistently) could possibly be the company’s greatest achievement with using algorithms.  Frog is expecting other companies to also make leaps in 2018 and Gonzalo Garcia-Perate the firm’s principal solutions architect, wrote how these companies will join google in the Algorithm Hall of Fame.

Source: Mojix

Gonzalo commented on what type of candidates would qualify for this hall of fame.  One candidate would be the first company that can achieve full vehicle autonomy.  Another way to qualify would be the first company to create platforms that makes universal basic income a possibility.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Becomes Communal Experiences

Presently, virtual reality requires putting on a headset and immersing yourself in a world inhabited only by you; the experience is pretty much isolating.  However, Frog visual designer Seth Mach says going forward, we will see VR and its cousin AR (augmented reality) allow people exploration of untold worlds together; they will get to explore, play and work communally in alternate realities.  He wrote that soon, instead of being lone travelers on our augmented and virtual journeys, we’ll have friends along for the ride.

Democracy Will Combine with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is currently limited to cryptocurrencies; however, 2018 may see it moving into larger areas of society that would include government.  Frog strategists Sally Darby and Kristina Phillips wrote that because it changes how votes are collected and minimizes the risk of fraud or manipulation, blockchain technology may be what helps more voices get heard in government matters and policy decisions.  By the 2018 midterm elections, we may just see an end to paper ballots altogether.

Source: Tech Xplore

Augmented Reality Will Inspire Questions Regarding Intellectual Property

Physical representations of art belong and are the property of those who created them.  However, with consumers being able to add infinite changes using augmented reality, Frog strategist Kristina Phillips has pondered how this might bring about change regarding the nature of intellectual property in 2018.  She wrote that enter a new age in contemporary art, one where people can express themselves collaboratively in the digital and physical realm.  Think mixed-media taken to a whole new dimension, one where people not only have access to public art, but the expectation they can add their own signature without leaving a mark.

There are other forecasts made by the firm and time will tell if those, as well as the ones stated above, will come true.  Nevertheless, if even one of these predictions were to come true, it will be a trend that not only defines 2018 but beyond.