Neurable to Shake Up Arcades with World’s First Brain-Controlled VR Game

There’s a lot of people out there who are skeptical to VR, whether because they can’t find any useful application other than luxury amusement over an unreal, online-like level, or just because they didn’t even have the chance to try one of those headsets yet and wander that inexplicable but astonishing universe.

Nevertheless, would the world change their mind if suddenly VR become into the first technological tool to train our brains? Even if it all could start by a video game? I mean, after all, it is one of the most important parts of the human body to work and to cultivate in order to develop greater skills in no matter what field — And lately, it was already time to stop only giving life to any machine through AI and educating our race for being smarter too.

Source: Green Buzz Agency

Awakening: a video game to be controlled exclusively by the mind

“Wake up, this is not a test,” intones a voice as the VR-based game begins, and then you’ll only have at your disposition your super Jedi powers, or in other words, your mental attention. That’s how the ride starts on the adventure called Awakening, a video game proposed by the startup Neurable in partnership with a Madrid-based VR graphics company called estudiofuture.

In a nutshell, the game console is a portable headband which will be on charge of both projecting the VR scenario and doing the brain scan. How did Neurable turned the mind into a hands-free joystick? It has to do with a set of electrodes they programmed to measure the user’s EEG (electroencephalography) signals — So there are no excuses, anyone who dares to enter in this game will need to use their brain, ha!

Source: Neurable

In fact, one of the most interesting and particular aspects of the project is that Neurable is not a gaming company, indeed, the startup is focused on brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) required for mind control, another way of softwares, but in this case oriented to translating the brain signals into commands for external devices like computer cursors or robotic limbs to name but few.

2k18: the year of brain control

That being said, the main target of the company was to show what they are already capable to do, giving at the same time some intriguing and exciting new applications of VR, which on the other hand open the door to a wide infinity of possibilities like a VR-based brain education and training from birth, or controlling more complex devices as a vehicle, which Nissan’s already working at through their vision of automated vehicles where AI helps you to drive while reading your mind.

In words of Neurable’s cofounder and CEO, Ramses Alcaide, they’ve “essentially created a brain mouse,” which will hit the arcades in 2k18 for the most curious gamers having the chance to play it worldwide, and that represents just the beginning of a technology that could be the next way of handsoff cooking or even learning where everyone interested will be able to help, considering it’s some sort of opened-source since the company’s already offering a strap VR hardware platforms system for the HTC Vive, so that a developer could make their own for Oculus or HoloLens.

Finally, Neurable states that The Awakening game is a nice introduction for brain-controlled gaming because you’re awakening your powers as a child, while they’re also awaking people to the potential of next-generation BCIs. Ready for when commercially available? The startup is targeting VR arcades for this year.