Android Strippers Used to Attract Diverse Audience at CES 2018

The disturbing takeaway from CES 2018 was the gradual replacement of the human element within the labor and technical field with an android threat. Autonomous cars and smart home systems are currently the order of the day. Nothing is apparently safe, not even the exotic dance scene. Apparently, the Sapphire Gentleman’s club in Las Vegas will be the first ever to feature a pair of android dancers on poles in honor of CES 2018 this year.

Source: The Sun

The provocative androids battled it out with the real dancers at the gentleman’s club. The garter wearing robots were designed by Giles Walker, a British artist who wanted to create something from scrap. He also used old CCTV cameras and powered the robots with windscreen wiper motors.

Robot Twins Increase Club Attendance

They were actually more of a publicity stunt than an attempt to be seductive and show prowess considering their heads resembled street security cameras on a robotic body that had come to life. Though the Sapphire Gentleman’s club believed the spectacle would bring in more of a crowd for the CES event this year. The managing director at the gentleman’s club, Peter Feinstein claimed he invited Walker and his dancing androids to add variety at the venue which is the go-to venue for attendees of one of the largest tech events in the world. It would seem that Feinstein wanted a gimmick that would appeal to a more diverse audience and particularly both men and women.

Allegedly, the majority of strip clubs are not appealing to the visitors of the CES 2018. The objective of the club was to create a different place to go to. In a potential scenario of four men and two women looking for a place, to go, Sapphire’s club would be appropriate for the entertainment value purely.


Considering the potential silliness entailed by watching the robots as exotic dancers, it would be more comical lecherous to visit the establishment. It also does not seem like the android twins are particularly proficient dancers. Everything from the android’s outward appearances to their movement style, which consists bobbing up and down and gyrating slowly; shows a realistic imitation but overall caricature of exotic dancing.

Androids Draw Mixed Reactions

Some of the CES attendees clearly did not get the joke as they were relatively unimpressed by the relatively low tech robots. One even claimed they had seen an android do more complicated things than what the twins were doing including operating on a human brain or even carry on a conversation. Of course, the androids were not created on a competitive level to compare functionally or aesthetically with the real dancers so they would appear to be too mechanical.

Source: Geekologie

Perhaps it is an idea that is ahead of its time. The majority of people are still not entirely comfortable with androids performing medical procedures, and there have been reports of their entry to law enforcement. The sapphire club androids are a sign of the diversification of robotics to the entertainment sector. If the CES revealed anything, it was the gradual advance of artificial intelligence and robotics in the global scene and we are growing more dependent.