Studio19’s SOLO E500X/EQ Portable Speaker Will Rock Your World

Small, wireless portable speakers are becoming quite popular, and for good reasons. A company known as Studio19 has unveiled the SOLO 500 wireless and portable speaker with Enhanced 360-degree optimized sound, and it’s packed with a lot of technology.

The product is primarily called the SOLO E500X and EQ premium Wi-Fi speaker, and it features Dual Pressure Air Compression (DPAC) technology for improved bass. The company says the product one the “BEST INNOVATION AWARD 2017” by Stereonet at the International Hi-Fi Show in Australia, according to Studio19.

Right away it’s clear that the SOLO E500X/EQ is no slouch for a portable wireless speaker, and we’re certain it won’t come cheap. Studio19 hopes to have on store shelves by November of this year, but unfortunately, there’s no word on the price.

The size of the battery and specialized modes

The speaker is powered by a decent 8,800mAh battery, but unfortunately, it’s built into the device. Additionally, the speaker can deliver up to 200 watts of music power, while the battery can only run for up to eight hours.

The E500X/EQ is not designed just for music playback since it comes with modes for movies, gaming, and of course, music. Additionally, if you’re not a Bluetooth type of person, this portable speaker supports Wi-Fi, Aux, or HDMI.

360-degree sound and DPAC technologies

“All Solo products incorporate Studio19’s breakthrough, patented DPAC technology to create a bass sound that matches or surpasses the conventional subwoofer. The innovative driver configuration, combined with air pressure, delivers a full-range sound with deep low-end frequencies and astonishing clarity of sound in an ultra-compact size.”

Studio19 says the 360-degree sound technology is quite different from what many speakers are using today. It’s an improvement over the old design, and it’s called Enhanced 360-degree Optimized Sound.

This new way of delivering sound “creates an omnidirectional spread with wide, directional waves that circulate throughout the room, giving the authentic impression of a multi-speaker environment from a single speaker.”

Key Features:

  • Patented DPAC Bass Technology
  • 200 Watts max output
  • Wireless, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • HDMI – for an enhanced Soundbar experience
  • Active 3 band Graphic EQ
  • 360° Enhanced Omnidirectional sound
  • DSP Enabled
  • Movie Surround/ Music / Gaming Mode’s
  • 8 hours battery life

No doubt this is a wonderful product, and consumers will line up to grab one by the end of the year if the price is right. From my point of view, Studio19 should have incorporated Amazon Alexa to increase the product’s worth for years to come.

With Google having relative success with the Home Max, we’re certain Amazon will release an all-new Alexa product in the future that is designed to replace home entertainment systems around the world.