UVify’s Oori Micro-Drone Can Travel at up to 60MPH

CES 2018 is right around the corner and already companies are talking about their products. One product, in particular, is called the Oori from UVify, and guess what? This little beast of a drone can travel and up to 60MPH.

UVify first made its presence felt at CES 2017, and there the company showed off a similar drone that managed to grab the attention of many attendees. The device was called the Draco, and it was designed for drone racing.

This time around, the company has come up watt a drone faster than anything they’ve created. The Oori is quite spectacular because it’s smaller than the Draco, yet it’s also faster. Still, since the drone fits in the palm of your hands, it shouldn’t be a product for the drone racing crowd to adopt.

If you’re interested in practicing your drone flying skills where racing is concerned, or just something to fly indoors, the Oori is probably the right micro-drone for you.

What does the Oori come with?

Worry not because the drone comes with everything the user needs to get started. The content includes a rechargeable battery, a controller, and the drone itself. To make things even more interesting, the Oori has a camera on the front for those who want to take videos and images.

For beginners, the product comes with downward and altitude sensors that make for easier flight, even if you’re an experienced pilot.

Over the years, we’ve seen several small drones, but you know what? The Oori is probably the best looking yet. Furthermore, the design has several lights on the body, and if the user wants to, he or she can change the color of the lights to fit their mood.

In terms of battery life, the drone can fly for up to six minutes before it needs to recharge. Don’t be surprised because drones of this size do not have quality battery life. Until battery there’s an improvement in battery technology, consumers will have to settle for less.

What about the price?

Well, UVify has opened the pre-order gates, so anyone, granted they have $289 to spare, can pre-order the product. Bear in mind that the $289 price tag is only for early adopters, which means, everyone else will have to purchase the drone for $389.

Compared to other drones, the Oori is quite expensive for its size. The Mambo goes for a cool $180, while Fat Shark’s 101 is on sale for $250. Maybe UVify wants the Oori to compete with DJI’s Spark since it costs an additional $10. However, the Spark is much better with more features to boot.

At the end of the day, UVify is attempting to create a new drone category. You see, most micro-drones aren’t fast and agile, but the Oori is just that, so maybe the high price is worth it.