Amazon Alexa to be featured in Toyota and Lexus systems

No one could imagine a day would come when voice assistant technology merges with the automobile world. Well, the latest announcement by Toyota on its collaboration with Amazon will turn that dream into reality.

The announcement was made on January 8th at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada where Toyota unveiled use of Amazon Alexa in the automobile will commence from 2018 onwards.

Source: Digital Trends

However, the specific models compatible with the technology are unknown with speculations having that a select Toyota Entune 3.0 and Lexus Enform 2.0 App suite infotainment systems will have Alexa. Already, the models are said to be fitted with voice- control enhancements thus making it easy to introduce the voice assistant.

At the same venue, Toyota unveiled the autonomous e-palette concept. The exorbitant car is expected to provide on-demand offices with office sharing capabilities and uses guardian technology – to act as a safety net. It will encompass online services from Pizza Hut, Didi Chuxing, Mazda and Uber. This aside, the car is expected to have Alexa in its infotainment system.

Interestingly, multiple electronic companies have endorsed Alexa voice assistant in their products. This includes; Panasonic, Byton (electric car manufacturer) and Garmin. From the look of things seems Amazon’s Alexa is outdoing itself as it sneaks its way past its household application that allows users interact with smart- home appliances.

An awesome collaboration between Amazon, Toyota and Lexus

To show enthusiasm of the latest move, Zack Hicks, senior vice president Toyota Motor North America and CEO Toyota Connected, said in a statement, “Voice services are rapidly becoming more popular and through our integration with Amazon Alexa, Toyota and Lexus customers will soon be able to easily speak to Alexa in their cars while on the go.”

This makes Toyota and Lexus vehicles among the first to bring the convenience of Alexa into the car and onto the road, announced the Toyota official.

What Alexa brings to Toyota and Lexus automotive system

So what’s with the fuzz of Amazon Alex been integrated into Toyota cars? Well, the sophisticated voice assistant will enable users to do numerous things which include; engine ignition, lock controls, adjusting heat and air conditions, environmental controls and switching directions.

Source: TNW

“Alexa, turn on the car” or “Alexa, lock the doors” are simple commands that drivers can use to achieve basic car functions. Other luxuries to be enjoyed via Alexa includes; music player, a recommendation of restaurants and food stores.Voice is a simple, natural and safe way to communicate, especially when you’re in the car,” said John Scumniotales, head of product for Amazon Alexa Automotivealso present the CES conference.

As it stands, drivers will be able to command their garage doors to open or close. Furthermore, Alexa is designed to connect with over a thousand third- party apps and access quick news via voice commands

Alexa has previously partnered with Ford so as to have the incorporation of the voice sensor in future models produced especially from 2019. Other endorsers include BMW and Volkswagen.

One cannot fail to mesmerize the fact that Alexa in the infotainment system is no ordinary voice aid but also a hazard detector. Cool!!Well, the voice assistant can alert drivers of an impending road danger.

Vision of Amazon Alexa

From the latest trend, it is evident that Alexa is geared to having the tech integrated and usable at all places. This falls in line with Company’s vision of having all users link with their smart-home appliances conveniently be it at home, in office, on phones and now in cars.

Source: Toyota

At home, Alexa connects users with their smart-appliances with the likes of Nest, Phillips Hue and Hive having integrated the voice command system.

Currently, digital voice systems are spreading on Android Auto and Apple CarPlay where users can easily access the gadgets.