Top Tech Giants Twitter and Google Face Claims of Discrimination

There has been controversy on various social media sites on Tech Giants Twitter and Google concerning complaints from former employees on allegations of the two firms discriminating white men and conservatives.

James Damore, who once served the position of a Google engineer, was recently fired following his distribution of a memo questioning the firm’s diversity policies.

On the other hand, Charles C. Johnston, a famous conservative publisher, filed a case against Twitter after banning him from the social site in 2015.

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It is following the urge of many conservatives to challenge tech companies on the basis that they favor moderate or liberal voices exposing the current political awareness in Silicon Valley.

However, Twitter had banned all users accused of hate speech following August’s “Unite the Right” rally held at Charlottesville that propelled allegations of political biases on those companies playing a significant role in curbing the vice of hate speech all over the world.

James Damore’s suit against Google

James, the former Google engineer, filed the case in Santa Clara, California with a claim that Google portrayed discrimination against the people of the “Caucasian race,” representing people who were ancient inhabitants of Europe, North Africa, and Asia Minor.

Furthermore, individuals with alleged conservative political opinions were also a close target by Google.

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It is a fact that the discrimination started within Google’s organization that resulted in immediate dismissal and termination of employees that expressed different political views from a majority of staff at the firm concerning reforms in employment and politics.

Other issues included bias sensitivity, social justice and diversity hiring policies and victims faced immense mistreatment in violation of their existing legal rights.

Damore’s legal team filled over 200 pages that comprise both emails and screenshots between James and other Google employees pointing out complaints from current employees who expressed conservative viewpoints.

One screenshot email showed a threatening message from a different Google engineer who promised to pull James down from the tech firm.

The sole reason for the firing

The former Google engineer was fired from Google due to a 10-page memo he wrote with the title “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber; how bias clouds our thinking about diversity and inclusion.”

Following its extensive circulation within the internal organization of Google in July, by August, it gained a significant audience following its publication by Motherboard sighting its prevalence within the group.

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The memo elaborated on an unequal representation of women in both technology and leadership.

The reactions of Google on the allegation

The firm, which perceived the memo harmful and offensive to its operations, reacted by kicking out Damore.

The company also played a role in tarnishing his reputation in the presence of his supporters terming it political correctness and ideological inflexibility within the tech industry.

According to Ty Sheppard, Google’s spokesman, he responded to the lawsuit by confirming their position in their defense against Mr. Damore’s lawsuit in court.

Charles C. Johnson’s suit against Twitter

Johnson filed his case in a State Superior court based in San Francisco following Twitter’s permanent suspension of his account after a tweet that he sought to raise money online for “taking out” a Black Lives Matter activist.

He sighted that he was in the quest of an investigation on DeRay McKesson, a famous activist.

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According to Johnson, his permanent ban from Twitter was to suppress the rise of conservative voices online and that the company did not adhere to its terms and conditions for suspending user accounts.

Like many tech companies, Twitter failed to respond to the allegations filed by Johnson. The company has maintained their transparency in the provision of a platform that promotes free speech and has worked to block users who violate their company’s terms and conditions.

It has ensured the extended ban on hate speech or a speech with the intention of inciting violence against a group of people.

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Following this two incidences of violation of legal rights in the two giant tech companies, the American legal system has been harsh to these sites on the way they enforce and reinforced their terms of service to its customers.

It is crucial for such firms to air protected speech and have flexible procedures on how to suspend users.