Alexa Will Think on Her Own and Give Opinions on TV Shows, Beer, and More

You heard that right! Alexa, Amazon’s voice controlled virtual assistant will now think for herself. If you ask me, that sounds a bit creepy, but who stands in the face of a technological leap and not feel somewhat carried away by the reality?

Alexa is built into a couple of devices such as Amazon devices; Fire TV and Echo smart. A virtual assistant that can now think for herself by Amazon is a sure way to beat Google Assistant. Moreover, the AI now needs not to consult its programmer code to answer to your every question.

You’ll be shooting your query and before the fall of the hammer, it shoots back the answer! (Well, that would mean that you can as well spark an argument with the speaker, but stop, we are not yet there: and most likely humans will not be allowed to quarrel with robots)

Expect more than a response…

Source: pcmag

Alexa was previously housed in Amazon Echo, the cylindrical speaker, but now it has been available in both dot (short cylindrical speaker) and tap (portable speaker). Living in the cloud, Alexa listens to you and is always ready to respond. Now that she has a brain of her own, you should be expecting more than just a response.

The AI this year will be less a voice search engine and more of a companion. Like your buddy, Alexa will be able to strike a conversation with you. Just as Marc Whitten points out, “having an opinion makes anybody interesting, even though they could be working as an assistant.”

Alexa’s personality

That’s not all because this AI has a social personality, can sing and has a celebrity crush! If you are wondering who, it is Benedict Cumberbatch. Pretty impressive I must say but this is not all a surprise because all this success is owed to the director, Toni Reid. Who said women are not good at directing?

The team at Fire TV has already done some assessment on how consumers interact with voice remote operated with a button in comparison to talking to Alexa. With Alexa, there are no buttons so it is hands-free, more convenient huh? It was concluded that with the voice remote consumers tend to ask questions like the entries in a search box. Typical of what you type in Google. The AI on the other hand, prompts natural questions like ‘what’s fun to watch tonight’. You can definitely agree that the AI is much more interesting to deal with. Given a chance, what would you ask Alexa?

Alexa’s upgrade

We all know that Alexa responds from your preferences she has come to learn about, assessing behavior or goes with the popular shows on TV. With the upgrade, Alexa will recommend based on her own thinking. All thanks to the power of machine learning.

Owing to deep learning and machine learning, the AI will interact with you just like a fellow human. This is what the Amazon team is strenuously working on at the moment. By adding more information to the knowledge base of the AI and filling the loopholes (questions Alexa is unable to answer), consumers will get to enjoy this out of the world kind of experience.

Whitten pointed out that, “Alexa has her personal opinions today -not curated by humans.” What this means is the future of this AI will not require Amazon’s editorial team to programme opinions for her because she will do it herself.  That’s pretty much what makes Alexa fun for your entertainment.

Her interesting opinions

Source: techcrunch

Having her own beer choice and being able to crack jokes, Alexa makes a good companion for your home entertainment. Now launched in seven countries, let’s stay finger crossed and wait for our turn. The AI is not limited to home theatres as it has been used across other devices such as Belkin WeMo Light Switch. Pretty soon we will have Alexa all over our homes.

Alexa could also do some damage to your wallet

Funny enough, Alexa has a mischievous side to her. She apparently ordered a product for a family and paid through their credit card. Talk about intelligence! I know for sure I’d be mad if it were me. All in all Amazon’s Alexa is the sure thing this 2018.

Will Smith did warn us about robots taking over in “I, Robot” but I think he was somewhat mean in his point of view. Surely, let’s give them a chance to make the world better as they’ve promised, shall we?