Dell’s Innovative Move to Recycle E-Waste to Jewelry

Dell, a computer technology firm based in Texas, United States is partnering with Nikki Reed, an actress who became famous due to the debut of “Thirteen,” a movie in 2003.

They aim to recycle the e-waste comprising of Dell motherboards into expensive gold jewelry. If you thought your old broken and useless computer is worthless, then this is a significant treasure to Dell Company.

It is a fact that small contents of gold are obtained from various electronic appliances. With the recovery of several old motherboards, you can get sufficient metal for a couple of rings or manage to create one unique and delicate bracelet.

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The Amounts of Jewelry Recycled From E-Waste

For every one million handsets that have gone through the salvage process, 75 pounds of gold, 772 pounds of silver, 35,000 pounds of copper and a total of 33 pounds of palladium are successfully recycled.

However, with the upgrade of phones and laptops due to technological advance and the entry of Artificial Intelligence, the chances of recycling e-waste are low ending up causing pollution to the environment.

The Purpose of Recycling Dell Motherboards

According to Nikki Reed, the process also known as Circular Collection, has been created with a sole purpose of significantly creating awareness to the human race on the environmental benefits of recycling e-waste and strive to maintain a conducive and zero waste environment.

It also wants to prove that old useless electronic materials can be transformed into beautiful items that can earn you a fortune.

Dell is teaming up with Nikki Reed‘s Bayou With Love Brand, an eco-friendly personal business, to come up with a brilliant jewelry line that combines various recycled electronics from the continuous collection of Dell electronic waste. The items will include; 18-carat and 14-carat earrings, gold rings and cufflinks.

The Pricing of the End-Products from the Recycle Process

According to Nikki, the available products will be accessible online from Bayou with Love official website. The pricing will start from $78 for a ball ring to $348 for a couple of cufflinks.

The two partners ensured that the jewelry is designed from 100% gold and not gold-coated as most firms do to market their products without a great hustle.

“We made a significant decision in the determination of pricing of these pieces ruling out the controversy that recycled gold products should be relatively cheap and less in value,“says Nikki Reed during an interview.

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What It Takes To Produce Just One Piece of Jewelry

According to Dell Company, it will need approximately a total of six motherboards to create a single bit. The average electronic device phone or computer contain fewer amounts of these essential materials and cannot be of any significant value to the consumer.

Source: Trend Hunter

Furthermore, the process of mining is no easy task and is ideal for large-scale recycling firms as there are enough rewards at the ultimate.

The Significant Role of Dell in the Partnership

Apart from mining, Dell will play a vital role in aiding the company with both marketing and communication as per Dell’s Small Business instructional program. Dell offers an opportunity to its clients to send-back e-wastes including non-Dell products, with the need of a purchase of a brand new Dell product.

The firm also has a unique program where users can easily exchange their old electronics with a Dell gift card.It will also integrate their new designed motherboards for its Latitude 5285 computers which are due for shipping in March.

The partnership between Dell and Nikki Reed will have various benefits to the people of United States Of America and the world at large.

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It will provide top-notch motherboards that will be pure gold and ensure the environment is safe from hazardous e-waste materials that have flooded most rivers and estates. I think this is an authentic idea!