Cook Seafood and Wash Dishes With Tetra the Smart Dishwasher

Well then, would you just look at that. A smart dishwasher that is capable of cooking seafood, isn’t that just a mind blower. Seriously, this thing exists, and it’s called the Tetra, and you know what? I want one for my home.

OK, so Tetra is a countertop dishwasher that doesn’t require a plumber for installation. Just simply connect it to your electric wall outlet and you’re good to go. Now, like every tech-related product these days, Tetra can connect to your Internet connection.

How to use the Tetra

First up, the user needs to load the device with water and detergent soap before attaching the plug to the wall outlet. There’s no automatic way to load water, so if you’re too lazy to do that, then Tetra is not for you.

Now, from what we can tell via a YouTube video that shows off what this product can do, it’s clear the device is quite compact. That doesn’t mean it’s unable to hold a lot of plates and whatever else you have inside your kitchen.

Heatworks, the company behind the Tetra, says the smart dishwasher can hold up to 10 plates or 12-pint glasses. It can even hold bowls and flatware, so right away we can tell that this thing is a multipurpose dishwasher despite its small size.

The company is claiming its smart dishwasher is so good it can save up to 1500 gallons of water each year.

“Our research indicates that although the average household is comprised of 2.58 people, the modern dishwasher holds place settings for 13 or more,” said Jerry Callahan, CEO, and founder of Heatworks. “This makes people believe that they either need to handwash their few dirty dishes — which wastes 10 times more water than using a dishwasher — or wait for a full load to run a cycle. With Tetra, we hope to change people’s mindset.”

Tetra is powered by Ohmic Array Technology

Here’s what we know about the much talked about Ohmic Array Technology. Heatworks made sure to patent this thing, and for good reason. You see, the Tetra doesn’t use traditional metal heating elements that can attract scales and rust over time.

Instead, the product takes advantage of graphite electrodes and advanced electronic controls. The company says this cause for better temperature control, which means, users can sanitize baby products with ease, and even go as far as cook seafood.

See, that’s what got me excited about the Tetra because seafood is where it’s at. A yummy plate of steamed fish with that pepper and that okro on the side is godly. Finish up by placing the dirty dishes in the Tetra, and follow up by watching something on Netflix or listen to some songs from Beres Hammond.

That’s the life, right? We agree.

If you’re interested in owning this product, Heatwork says it’ll be available for purchase come late 2018.