Winbot X Is the First Battery-Powered Window Cleaning Home Robot

We’ve long known of home cleaning robots, but did you know robots exist with the ability to clean your windows? It might sound impossible, but Ecovac has been doing this for quite some time, and the company’s newest product, the Winbot X, could get a lot of homeowners interested.

Unlike the company’s previous window cleaning robots, the new Winbot X doesn’t need a power cord to operate. The older models were like Batman due to their need for a cord to keep them suctioned to windows, but the X model is more similar to Spider-Man.

No need for an external power source

Ecovac says the new robot’s flexibility and range have been improved since there’s no need for it to be close to a power outlet to function as intended.

The lovely thing about the Winbot X is that it can run through an entire cleaning cycle on battery power alone. This places the robot in the same league when compared to regular cleaning vacuums.

We should point out that both the Winbot 950 and Winbot 850 comes with a built-n rechargeable battery, but it only comes into play when there’s a power outage. Unfortunately, those robots can only clean a window for 15 minutes on a single charge, but that’s probably good enough for emergency situations.

The Winbot X comes with a safety feature

Since the robot suctions itself to windows, there needs to be a safety procedure in place to make sure it doesn’t fall off should something goes awry. The robot comes with what Ecovac calls the “Safe Tether System.” It’s basically a cord that sticks to the glass and automatically retracts whenever the system senses less suction.

The company made an announcement before the official unveiling of the product.

“The WINBOT X represents the next evolution in window cleaning technology. By removing the power cord, the robot is able to move freely across the surface it is cleaning, regardless of whether or not the window has a frame,” said David Qian, President of the International Business Unit at ECOVACS ROBOTICS. “We look forward to showcasing this award-winning technology at CES.”

What about the price?

Now, while the Winbot X looks good on paper and in the pictures, the pricing is probably the most important aspect for many consumers. The company says via a press release that this window washing robot will cost $449, and eager homeowners should expect to buy it before the end of the second quarter.

The device is the first of its kind, and that’s statement Ecovac could use to garner more consumer interest. For now, only time will tell if the Winbot X gains success outside of the current fanbase.