Review: Reddot Half-Finger Workout Gloves

Reddot Workout Gloves

A new dawn comes more often than not with new resolutions. I bet keeping in shape tops many individuals resolution in 2018. Safety and workout enhancement will be key towards achieving this goal. The Reddot Half-finger workout gloves appear to tick several checklist boxes that a workout glove worth its weight in gold should stand for.

Reddot Workout Gloves Salient Features

Shopping around for workout glove is a cumbersome experience partly due to the several options available in the market. Sadly a good number will fall apart after a short duration of time. To avoid such unenviable experience, it is prudent that you look out for the following features when in search of workout gloves: fit, protection, functionality and the composite material.

  • Enhanced Breathability: the Reddot work out gloves were designed with aeration in mind. Made of a featherweight microfiber that spots ventilation meshes at the back, sweaty hands during workouts is bound to be an alien experience while working out in Reddot
  • All-inclusive Protection: safety and performance are two inseparable elements in the Reddot workout gloves. The Reddot gloves boast of an anti-slip silica gel grip that is padded to take care of traction and cushion your hands against the development of blisters and calluses.
  • Adjustable elastic wrist wrap to ensure a customized fit during workouts sessions.
  • Pull out tabs on the fingertips makes it easy for you to get your hands out of the Reddot gloves.
  • Versatility: comfortable to wear in a wide variety of situations. Stretching weightlifting to cycling to Cross Fit.
  • Unisex product: makes a perfect gift for both male and female athletes.
Reddot Workout Gloves
Source: Reddot

Up-Close Look at Reddot Workout Gloves

It’s never fun to lift weights with blisters and calluses. A concerted amount of effort was invested in this pair of gloves if the composite material is anything that we could go by. The leather lining at the fingertips not only adds a layer of protection but also prolongs the gloves longevity.

Talking about durability, the Reddot seems to outdo itself with the kind of indemnity it offers for its clients.  A one-year product workmanship fault guarantee as well as 30 days unrestricted refund speaks volume on the Reddot workmanship quality.

It might be too early to call but, I received my package a fortnight ago (counting back from the date of penning this review) and so far the stitches seem to be holding together perfectly well. There are no early signs of wearing out.

On the seven occasions that I have tried them on during my irregular weightlifting program, the ventilation feature has delivered as envisioned. No sweaty hands.

Reddot Workout Gloves
Source: Reddot

Second Opinion on Reddot Workout Gloves

If you aren’t persuaded by my experience probably a second or third opinion by verified purchases at Amazon store could tilt the scales.  In a nutshell, the Reddot workout gloves is a five -star rated product.  Have a look at it yourself here.

Parting Shot

Reddot half finger workout gloves check all the boxes for a suitable workout glove. Its design to offer protection without sacrificing performance makes Reddot half finger workout gloves a must-have item for the gym and sports enthusiasts.

For $11.69 – $12.69 (hinged on the size ordered) you can get a pair of Reddot half finger workout gloves at Amazon. In order to succeed and break your personal best, you ought to be prepared.

Reddot Workout Gloves
Source: Reddot

Reddot half finger glove is one of those training gears that would be essential to your success. Order a pair of Reddot half finger workout gloves at Amazon today and your gains will thank you later.