Tower Defense and Puzzle Game Gunhouse is Out for Nintendo Switch

Who remembers the game known as Gunhouse? It was first released on PlayStation Mobile, then the PlayStation Vita, Android, iOS, and now it has come to the Nintendo Switch. It’s a game for those who enjoy playing tower defense and puzzle games.

The developing studio behind the title is Necrosoft, the company behind titles such as Oh, Deer! Alpha and Gunsport. They have several games out there, but Gunhouse is its most successful game yet, which is why we’re not surprised it has come to the Switch.

The task of the game is to take out alien invaders with a hail of bullets. The best way to do this is to make big combos to have bullets falling like rain, and to gain access to special attacks. These aliens want to eat your friends, so you must fight with all your might to keep them at bay.

Infinite levels

OK, so Gunhouse is one of those games where the player shouldn’t hold their breath for an end game. The developers say it has infinite levels, therefore, it’s a game that will go on and on, which might be an issue for some players.

Additionally, Gunhouse is packed with upgradeable weapons, a hardcore mode, music from Fez composer Disasterpeace, and a unique art style to boot. It’s a fun looking game that only cost $14.99 to own.

We should point out that it supports both the Joycons, the pro controller, and the touchscreen where gameplay is concerned. The developer stated it’s possible to switch between all three controls schemes on the fly, which is great.

“Since the death of PlayStation Mobile, we’ve been wanting to bring Gunhouse to new audiences, and add all the features we never could before,” says Brandon Sheffield, Creative Director at Necrosoft. “Switch is the perfect home for Gunhouse, and I guarantee you’ve never played a puzzle game quite like this one. Many poor souls have been lost to its addictiveness – some fans have been playing this game for 80 hours and counting! They’ll never be free!”

If you’re playing the original Gunhouse right now, you should consider upgrading to the newest version because it contains more enemies, higher resolution graphics, more stages, rotating objectives, and more story.

The Features

  • Puzzles!
  • Tower Defense!
  • Weird story!
  • Weapon upgrades!
  • Infinite levels!
  • Hecked-up bosses!

We’ve watched a few videos of the game in action and it does look like a fun experience. We’ll be sure to get a copy in the future for review, just to let you know if it’s something buy or stay away from.

Get the game via the Nintendo eShop.