Adonis INK Is an Affordable Stylus for Windows 10 Computers

Since the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft has made a big push for touchscreen devices that are powered by its operating system. We’ve seen quite a few laptops with touch displays since, and even more so after the launch of Windows 10.

The problem is, there aren’t many Windows 10 laptops with touch features that comes prepacked with a stylus. If that’s what you’re looking for, then your best bet is to invest in the Surface Pro products from Microsoft.

Chances are you’re not able to due to the expense of purchasing the newest Surface Pro, so what then?

Here comes the INK Stylus

Adonit, the company behind the INK, says the stylus is certified by Microsoft, which means, it should work perfectly across a range of Windows-powered devices. Now, since it’s a stylus, a touchscreen computer is required, and those are readily available at every computer store.’

If you’re a designer who uses Adobe Photoshop on a regular basis, then a stylus could make for easier drawing among other things.

The device comes with a 1mm fine point tip that is both streamlined and replaceable. Furthermore, the tip is pressure sensitive, making the INK a great tool for designers and folks who might want to mimic handwriting on a touchscreen.

Adonit went on to add that the “INK has a pressure level of 4096 for Surface 5 PRO and 1024 for Surface 4 PRO.” These devices were designed for stylus use in mind, therefore, the INK should work best here, but that doesn’t mean other Windows 10 laptops are not well supported.

No need for Bluetooth or an app

The great thing about the INK when compared to many third-party styluses, it doesn’t require the need for connecting to Bluetooth or an app for it to work. It just works, and we can’t say the same for most styluses today.

“Once on, a green light will display enabling the user to place the tip on the screen to navigate, tap or write. Never get caught out again by a low power stylus with the INK’s useful LED lights that indicate whether the device is turned on or off, the level of charge and when it is charging,” according to Adonit.

Now, since we’re talking about charging, it’s a good time to mention that the INK’s battery life is capable of going up to 80 hours on a single charge. Additionally, it only takes around 45 minutes for the INK to charge completely.

Android and iOS are not supported

Yes, we need to stress that the INK stylus only supports Windows-related devices, so keep that in mind before investing your hard earned cash.