Apple Proposes Making Users’ Medical Records Available on iOS Devices

Apple is putting forward a motion to turn the iPhone into a device where one can easily access the medical records though it is insisting that it does not want to use this as an avenue to integrate health records into their ever-increasing database on potential clients.

Source: Apple

Apple will be rolling out a test version of the new product allowing the new users to download health records onto their devices. It will provide easier and more effective access for medical personnel especially in the event of an emergency allegedly. Say one injured themselves by accident and there was a doctor nearby.

The normal protocol of queries would be if the patient was taking any medications or had recent medical procedures. If they had pre-existing conditions some would be hard pressed to name all of their prescriptions on the spot in a relevant manner while in distress. The medical records, in this case, would come in handy if they were easily available on their iPhones.

How the Apple Health App will Work

The app is going to retrieve data from a health provider and display when new developments become available. The users are going to be able to efficiently call up data on range medical issues including conditions, allergies, and immunizations as well as medications, procedures, and vitals. For security purposes, the data will also be encrypted and protected via a password.

Source: Wccftech

The chief operating officer of Apple, Jeff Williams claimed the company will not be able to access the data unless the consumer chooses to share it which of course comes off as highly unlikely. The company’s promises of non disclosure and authorized access do not happen to extend to the app developers who will gain access to facial data so as to build entertainment features for the iPhone X clientele like pinning three dimensional masks to their face for a selfie or even letting a video game character mirror the real world facial expressions of the player.

To get this data, Apple has already partnered with electronic medical record specialists like AthenaHealth, Cerner and Epic Systems. Apple also stated the objective behind the new application was not to increase iPhone sales but to make it more user-friendly and thus more appealing.

Similar Attempts by Rivals in the Market

Apple has been eyeing the healthcare for years and announced the decision on Wednesday to allow people in particular hospital systems to tether medical records to their iPhone devices. This will allow easy access to seven categories of information such as immunizations, allergies or lab results.

Source: Mashable

The announcement comes a decade after Google tried to launch a similar endeavor but was unable to fully execute as it noted that its offering was used by a narrow amount of individuals, caregivers, and tech-savvy individuals. Google also claimed they had not found a way to translate limited use into widespread adoption within the daily health routines of millions of individuals. Microsoft also has a similar product in the making known as the HealthVault though it has did not make as significant an impact on the market as what Apple is proposing to do.