Best 360 Degree Android Camera Apps


Bored of your regular stock android camera? Are you looking for an upgrade? Well then you must try your hands on the best 360 degree android camera apps available for you. These apps will help you capture some stunning shots.

Many 360 degree camera apps are designed to give the users a rich experience of the camera which the stock app does not provide. You can get some great panoramic shots and even record background sounds on many of them, too.

We have picked the best 360 degree camera apps fully customized for your android Smartphone. Do have a look.

List of Best 360 Degree Android Camera Apps

  • Google Camera

Although Google camera is just a normal and casual camera app, yet it offers a lot of features to the users. You can creative picture modes which are available in this app including Panorama and Photo Sphere.

Source: Play Store

You must require at least 1 gigabyte of free memory space to use the Panorama and Photo Sphere options. Both of the features act as the 360 degree camera angles and allows to take some awesome shots.

  • Sphere-360 Camera

The most unique app that we came across is the Sphere-360 camera. It is generally a travel oriented 360 degree camera app. You can view stunning spheres from around the world using this app. You can even share your own sphere using this app.

Source: Apple iTunes

Using this app will let you experience whole new 360 degree illusion. Your android screen will become a movable window and this app will allow you to view faraway places with ease.

  • Photo 360 Degree by Sfera

Sfera developed this beautiful Photo 360 degree camera app, which is officially the first ever app to click stunning panoramic view. You can even record background sound along with the images being taken.

Source: Cnet

The app is connected to social media platform, hence you can share your clicks directly from this app with a single click. Although it allows free sharing, but you will be able to share the first 5 photos for free.

  • Panorama 360 photos: FB share

This is another beautiful camera app which allows to take some stunning panoramic shots using the 360 degree feature available. This app is hugely popular along with 4 million downloads across the world.

Source: Google Play

Users love sharing their photos and spheres through this app. You can even share your best clicked panoramas or spheres in any social media platform by using a feature called TeleportMe which is included within the app for easy convenience.

  • Photaf Panorama Pro

This app uses your camera advantage and orientation sensor to judge the angle of the image and take some stunning panoramic shots. You can get some best 360 seamless panoramas using Photaf app.

Source: Google Play

You can use the compass or the screen of your mobile device to view the images being taken. This app can be used by many users including travel agencies or real estate agents who can take some panoramas of the places and showcase them to the online customers.

These are the best available 360 degree camera apps for your android device which you can use to click some best panoramas and share them with everyone. We hope this article will help you out – and be sure to let us know your experiences with the apps you chose.