World Leaders Conclude the Next Phase in AI is Augmenting Humans

Augmented reality is not a new concept and many companies are continuing to look at new ways to find beneficial uses for it, however, there are other types of augmentation that are being looked at which includes one type that was thought to be decades away.  New attention towards the concept of human augmentation has come to light as world leaders of innovation met recently have concluded that the next phase in artificial intelligence is augmenting humans.

What is Human Augmentation?

Human Augmentation (enhancement) is any attempt to permanently or temporarily overcome the present limitations of a human body using artificial or natural means.  Technological means are used to alter or select human capacities and characteristics, whether or not the results of the alteration in capacities and characteristics lie past the existing human range.


World Government Leaders Gather to Discuss the Future of AI

Writers Abby Norman and Jolene Creighton posted an article recently on how ahead of a summit that is occurring now, government leaders met with innovators that resulted in them deciding to take the next step in artificial intelligence, which is to focus on augmenting humans.  Although this popular theme in science fiction was thought of by many as being decades away, this gathering of the minds would suggest otherwise.

Innovators and experts met with government leaders ahead of the World Government Summit in Dubai with the goal of deciding what will be the future of AI.  The event held some of the largest names associated with artificial intelligence which included representatives from AAAI, IEEE, the U.N. and OECD.


Also showing up were managers from Amazon AI, IBM Watson,, Microsoft, Nest, Facebook and Open AI.  While the list is a long one, some of the governing officials that attended were from the UAE, Italy, Australia, France, Singapore, Estonia, Russia and Canada.

The exclusive closed-door round table discussed the topic of futurism, this was organized by the AI Initiative from the Future Society that is located at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government as well as H.E. Omar bin Sultan Olama; this is the UAE’s Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence.  The discussion covered topics, such as the length of time it will take to create a sentient AI and the concern of our privacy being invaded by algorithms.  One of the interesting topics discussed at the round table was the quickest way AI should be used to benefit humanity.

Already Augmented

Anyone who would argue this fact needs only to take out their cell phone and head to Facebook or another social media platform you might be using; AI is already augmenting our work and enhancing our activity.  Using a search engine operates mostly in the same manner as artificial intelligence goes over what was typed and steers you in what you were seeking.

Beyond the digital world, AI’s reach can be felt in the working environment such as with the law firm LawGeex.  Artificial intelligence algorithms are used automatically when reviewing contracts and many attorneys will say that saving time is the real benefit; a participant in a session commented that no one went to law school to cut and paste parts of a regulatory document.

Considering that this also implies to the medical field as far as taking care of administrative tasks, experts agree that it is time for society to accelerate technology with AI within the human condition.  However, before things like smart contact lenses can be accomplished to augment human life, leaders of the world must get a sense of the current standing of their nation’s.

There is no doubt that world leaders have recently reached the conclusion that the next phase in AI is augmenting humans.  Yet, as one panelist noted during their discussion, the main thing governments need to do first is understand where they are on this journey.