New VLC 3.0 to Feature in Windows, Chromecast, and More


The zeal to remain at the top of the media player market has pushed VideoLan company- world’s most accessed media player- to release a unique upgrade.  Christened ‘Vetinari’ (takes after the character Lord Vetinari), this new upgrade, is said to be compatible with multiple desktop and mobile platform.

“I’m very happy about those releases. Moving VLC to the mobile world was difficult, but the difficult part is done,” commented Jean Baptiste Kempf, president and lead developer of VideoLan.

Hardware and software compatible with VLC 3.0

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Some of the versions eligible for the software upgrade includes Android 2.x, 3.x, 4,0x, 4.1x, macOS (10.7, 10.8, 10.9) and iPhone series especially i7 and i8. Others that include the Linux software, Apple TV and Android TV will also benefit from the upgrade. VideoLan, a parent Company of VLC is accredited with developing a media player platform that supports all forms of video files.

In case you are afraid that the release won’t work on older computer versions, and then you might be in luck as VLC has re-engineered the software to accommodate Windows XP, Vista and Androids’ Gingerbread 2.3. However, for Windows XP/2003/2003R2 they will be limited to best-effort basis. Notably, the last update was released back in 2015 which entailed a support function for resume playback when VLC is turned on.

When it comes to network browsing VideoLAN starts of at local level with NAS drives. It then extends to other access/ protocols such as SMB, SFTP, FTP, HTTP and NFS. Whatsoever, VLC allows users to extract and expand files via Zip, Tar and Rar formats. VLC 3.0 takes from version 2.2 by offering support services for Blu- Ray Java menus and content.

Goodies for Video Viewers

For years now developers have been working to come up with a playback capability for streaming videos.  Additionally, the application is expected to support High Dynamic Range (HDR) video content and 360⁰ videos. This also comes with flexible Homogenous Time-Resolved Fluorescence (HTRF).

Moreover, 4K and 8K content have the privilege of being played on the platform thanks to the use of H. 264 and H.265. This is aided by the reduced processing requirement for the content.

To support the new changes, VLC utilizes hardware such as DxVA2, OMX, D3D11, Direct3D11 and MediaCode (available in HEVC component). Recent applications such as HQX, WebVTT and TTML are identified by Vetinari and designed for.

Now the greatest outcry of this VLC update came from users of Google Chromecast who were anticipating for streaming playback. Seems this issue will be resolved once and for all as designers have placed their interest at heart.

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The upgrade will also resolve 1500 bugs and incorporates 20,000 commits (permanent changes) in the current version. This makes it easier to operate the media player.

Additional Components Available in VLC 3.0

Aside from improved video support, the new VLC has some few additions to its interface. This comprises a metadata and play controls which are displayed on an added status bar. As for Windows 10, a touch is added to support HiDPI on the interface.  Also included is a modified screen controller and keyboard backlight designed to provide a thrilling full-screen view.

As for the audio specifications, VLC 3.O will be equipped with eight new audio channels. Now, these channels will boost the quality of surround sound.  Still, on the audio aspects, the ‘newcomer’ will have codecs DTS- HD, E-AC3 and True HD.

The only way to enjoy these interesting features is to download VLC 3.0 free download found in the VideoLan official site (not yet available for iOS users). But iPhone users haven’t been left out as the new update is compatible with iPhone X display specifications.


What’s Next for VLC

Regardless of the new add-ons, VideoLan has some gaps to fill. An example is the facilitation of display of subtitle on DVDs while skipping re-encoding and extension of HDR videos on more operating systems. The work doesn’t end here as the software maker teased with plans of developing VLC 4.0.

If you wish to access the full listing of the changes then check out the full changelog. As for those unlucky to access the update then it is on VideoLAN