More Companies Are Looking to Enter the Gaming-Centric Smartphone Market

When people speak of the video game market, they’ll primarily talk about the Windows PC, and the various game consoles available on the market today. Not many will even mention mobile in their conversation unless it has something to do with the Nintendo Switch.

However, everything could change in the near future as smartphone makers are gearing up to take mobile gaming seriously. Razer was the first tech company to release a gaming-centric smartphone since the Nokia N-Gage.

The device dubbed the Razer Phone, is the first of its kind to bring forth a smartphone screen with 120Hz support. There’s nothing like it on the market today, and according to reviewers, the product is not just great for gaming, but it’s also a really good phone for daily use.

Source: YouTube

ASUS is Taking Notice

We can’t say for certain at this point how successful the Razer Phone is, and whether or not the company will follow-up with a sequel this year or 2019. However, we can say there’s a chance ASUS could make a move in the smartphone sector with a gaming device of its own.

A recent story claims the company’s gaming smartphone could launch with the Republic of Gamers brand that is usually reserved for the firm’s gaming computers. If this is indeed the case, the device would likely come with several hardware features similar to the Razer Phone, meaning, Android games would play wonderfully.

It’s possible for the Taiwanese manufacturer to showcase this new product at the MWC 2018 trade show, but don’t expect to hear about pricing and availability right out of the gate.

Both Razer and ASUS have extensive experience in creating gaming devices, but ASUS has been at it for a longer time. Not to mention, ASUS a lot of experience creating smartphones, but you probably didn’t know due to how unpopular the ZenPhone brand is.

Source: YouTube

Xiaomi On the Sidelines?

Earlier reports have claimed Xiaomi is also working on a gaming-centric smartphone to take on the Razer. At the moment, Xiaomi caters to several niches around the world with its mobile products, but a smartphone with high-end mobile gaming capabilities would be a new step.

Such a product wouldn’t come directly from Xiaomi, but its subsidiary known as Black Shark.

If we look at the Chinese government website, we can see that Black Shark’s first product is a smartphone and a powerful one at that. The website says the upcoming device should come with an aviation-class cooling system and a flagship processor that is possibly the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

There’s no word on when folks will get the chance to lay eyes on this new Xiaomi smartphone, but if we were to bet, we’d say MWC 2018 is the likely event.