Pokemon Go: Capture Kyogre Right Now Before It Gets Away

If you’re still invested in Pokemon Go, then it’s time to put out some more effort to capture a new Legendary creature. The beast is called Kyogre, and it won’t be available for capture in just a few days, so get going.

Just recently, the Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza was added to the list of must-have creatures, but as that happens, Kyogre is on its way out and may take months to return, if ever. We understand the beast is set to be removed on February 14, so now is your last chance to get it.

How can I capture Kyogre?

Well, like every Legendary Pokemon, the only way to get a hold of this powerful creature is to encounter it via a Raid Battle at Gyms. Bear in mind, the only way to fully capture this Pokemon is to defeat it, so there’s no half measure.

It’ll be tough due to its strength, but be sure to have one or more electricity and plant types on your team because Kyogre is a water Pokemon. Electricity and plant types are aplenty in Pokemon Go, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one.

However, take into consideration that only a powerful creature can defeat Kyogre and not just its type. A grass or electricity type without much training will not stand a chance, so don’t go in blindly, but with a plan.

“Kyogre is said to be the personification of the sea itself. Legends tell of its many clashes against Groudon, as each sought to gain the power of nature,” according to a description.

Speaking of Groudon, the creature was released by Pokemon Go developer Niantic in the past but is no longer available for trainers to capture. Groudon is an Earth-type with impressive powers in similar ways to Kyogre, which is no wonder they are mortal enemies.

The weather trio

Some folks might not have realized that both Kyogre and Groudon are able to control the weather, and the same can be said for the recently released, Rayquaza. Kyogre is capable of bringing storms, Groudon is all about causing droughts and using its magma attack to expand the landmass of the world, while Rayquaza is so powerful, it managed to end the conflict between Groudon and Kyogre.

We understand this Pokemon has lived for millions of years, and it mainly flies through the ozone layer. It feeds on meteoroids and is powerful enough to cause a massive wind storm.

For anyone hoping to become the ultimate Pokemon Go master, then having the weather trio at your disposal is imperative.