Porsche and Audi Announce Collaboration on Electric Models

Source: CleanTechnica

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume and Audi chief executive Rupert Stadler recently confirmed a partnership between the two brands that will see both cooperate towards the development of a shared platform for electric models. The two brands will collaborate in order to assist electrify and autonomize the vehicles of the next generation which entails it will also concern self-driving.

Source: Car Magazine

The objective of the new partnership it would seem is to shape the mobility of the future. As vague as it sounds, it is basically premised on the theme of two heads being better than one.

Porsche and Audi Current Synergies

Both Porsche and Audi are senior subsidiaries of the Volkswagen empire which means each has access to a similar amount of technical and production knowledge as the other. There are models that illustrate the same genealogy and there are others which distinguish brand uniqueness. The Audi Q5 and the Macan, for example, are basically the same car for example. Though Porsche does not have something in its line-up which is like the A8 and likewise, Audi does not have something in its bag like the 911.  So the question is why the current interest in collaboration toward future projects. For one, the current electric cars are not conceptually aligned.

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Though, there are synergies and collaborations in this project though. It seems both companies are buying power cells from LG Chem, which has set up a plant in Poland for this particular purpose. Market acceptance is the other thing. The apparent lack of charging infrastructure is not helping things, but several brands including both Audi and Porsche as well as, Ford and BMW have collaborated towards promoting the Ionity fast-charging network.

This is going to see 400 chargers installed along a number of significant European transportation routes during the next three years. Strength in numbers has clearly become a significant theme for the success of the EV movement within the auto industry. Sustainability is also an important strategic goal for both corporations hence the need to combine resources toward a more livable world.

Logistics and Clarification on Partnership

Thus far, Audi has pledged 550 people to work on the project and Porsche is going to contribute 300 personnel. Audi intends to build two sedans which will be based on the new platform at its plant in Neckarsulm, Germany. Two SUVs will also be constructed at Ingolstadt. Porsche though will only build one model at the Leipzig plant in Germany which is currently responsible for the Macan.

Source: Inside EVs

At the present, both Audi and Porsche are preparing to launch electric vehicles which were developed independently. Though it should be noted that just because Audi and Porsche have decided to work together is not an indication they are melding brands. In fact, both of the brands are preparing to launch electric cars that were developed independently. Audi has an e-tron crossover which is expected to launch later on during the year.

Porsche, on the other hand, has a Mission E sedan which is scheduled to arrive sometime before 2020. Both of these scheduled models are allegedly a tribute to Tesla’s success within the luxury vehicle field and of the stricter carbon emissions standards that have been set.