5 Best Facts about 5G

As the availability of 5G networks is making the news, you might be wondering about the speculations of this network. You will be happy to know about some facts that you must be aware of 5G.

In today’s world, 4G cellular networks are the most convenient and widely used. We can experience a fast internet speed with this network. The next-gen 5G which is the successor of 4G is still waiting to get into the boots of 4G.

There are quite a lot of speculations about the upcoming 5G, yet there are some facts that you must know about this cellular network. Stay tuned as we discuss some of the best facts that you didn’t know about 5G

Best facts about 5G that you must know

  • Yet the availability of 5G network is still unknown, but we are hoping the launch of 5G will be done by 2020 or a bit earlier. Some of the great developers around the world are already testing the capability of 5G network. AT&T, Google, Samsung, Ericsson are few of them.
  • 5G will be tremendously fast. There are talks about 5G going to be approximately 200 times as fast as the 4G LTE. Hence there is a possibility of getting as much as 1GB/Sec speed which will allow you to download huge files in a blink.
  • Cost of 5G is surely going to be higher than 4G networks. Some of them agree to this statement whereas some say the cost will be somewhat relative to that of recent 4G LTE networks. As per research it was found that carriers do reduce the price of networks a bit by every year. So we hope the price should be somewhat near to the current 4G LTE costs.

    Source: timesofindia
  • There are yet no rules and standards out for 5G as it is officially not announced. 3GPP is working with some best brands Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson, Cisco and Verizon and will be determining the specifications of the network. Although the standards for the next-gen cellular networks are to be announced by 2018.
  • 5G is going to be the next big thing in wireless networks. Hence no one wants to fall behind. Developers around the world are trying their hands constantly in developing their devices to be compatible to 5G as fast as possible so that when it will be launched, they should be way ahead of others in the race.

Well there is still a lot of time for the 5G network to get spread widely across the globe. But people are going crazy after the news being spread about the availability of 5G. U.S carriers are now getting ready to get their hands on this network and hopefully they will surprise everyone pretty soon.

Anyways, before the launch of 5G and people going crazy over it, you must know some important facts about this network. In this article, we have picked the best facts that you must be aware of 5G. We hope this article will help you out and we look forward to hel[ you in near future too.