Train Crisis Is a Puzzle and Strategy Game About Trains

If you’re a PC gamer, then chances are you’re into all sorts of video games, which include the strategy types, and that’s good. However, would you be interested in playing a game that is based on trains and tracks?

The game in question today is known as Train Crisis, and it comes from a fairly well-known indie developer, U-Play Online. The game is currently active on Steam for the cool price of $4.99, and that might surprise you because when since a newly launched PC game is going for that amount.

Well, don’t be too surprised because Train Crisis, while new to the PC, was first released for Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS. For the most part, the game is still the same, but as expected, the controls have been tuned to work well with a mouse and keyboard, and the graphics are slightly improved.

What is Train Crisis All About?

It’s a strategy and puzzle game that is quite demanding, according to the developers. The idea is to guide trains with different colors towards their matching destinations. Directing trains can be done by changing junctions, blowing up barriers, timing traffic lights, and avoiding traps.

Clearly, players won’t have an easy time playing Train Crisis and traversing the four historical contexts. We understand these four distinct historical contexts include the likes of the Industrial Revolution, the Far West, the Modern Era and the Future.

Additionally, the game comes with 168 levels, and a neat looking stylized 3D design. Hey, it’s nothing special since Train Crisis is merely a mobile game ported to the PC platform, but it looks fine nonetheless.

“There’s no train-themed game as challenging as this one,” says Quim Garrigós, Development Director at U.Play Online. “We are extremely glad to renew and improve the pioneering gaming concept featured in Train Crisis which captured the attention of millions of users in other platforms”.

Massive Success on Mobile

U-Play Online will likely want to see its popular video game mimic the four million downloads it achieved on mobile devices, but that won’t be an easy task. You see, PC gamers have a lot of options when it comes down to video games, and as such, they won’t get too excited about a mobile game.

Still, the developer could decide to release the game on the Microsoft Store since it’s more of a place for casual gamers.

Full List of Features

  • 168 levels containing challenging puzzles.
  • Go over the history of trains in 4 different eras: Industrial Revolution, Far West, Modernism, and Future.
  • Stylized 3D environments.
  • Interact with the stages: change junctions, time traffic lights, avoid traps in tunnels, collect money from banks; blow up barriers… and much more!