How AI Could Wreak Havoc Across the Globe

Artificial Intelligence has been praised for the number of advances seen in many areas, such as the business and medical fields.  Unfortunately, there is a dark side to AI that some wish to exploit to their advantage despite the carnage it may cause.  Now, a recent report has come out that explains the many ways on how artificial intelligence can wreak havoc across the globe.

Recently, writer Sherisse Pham posted an alarming article regarding he dark side of artificial intelligence.  Apparently, over two dozen experts from top research organizations and universities in the UK and the US stated in an alarming report about how AI was being maliciously used; this was published by Cambridge University last week.  One of the Cambridge authors, academic Sean O hEigeartaigh, said that for many decades hype outstripped fact in terms of AI and machine learning.


New Dangers Of AI to Be Aware Of

There should be no surprise about how artificial intelligence can be used to harm others intentionally since we saw last year numerous attacks launched against business and individuals.  However, the report not only suggests but warns of a new wave of cyber attacks launched through AI on different levels. 

One such attack would have computers employing speech technology to pretend they are the individual being targeted while another possibility is being referenced as a superhuman hacking; this would give the hacker access to autonomous weapon systems used on the field of battle, taking control of drones or vehicles that do not need human drivers operating them.

The report joins a series of other warnings regarding what might be the possible consequences of the increase of developing artificial intelligence at a rapid pace.  Although this development in the medical and healthcare sector is a boon in making lives better for mankind, other actions going on in the world is influencing other countries to move quickly in becoming the master of AI.


The Need for AI Superiority

Last September, Russian President Vladimir Putin made an alarming prediction that the ruler of the world will be the one who is the leader of artificial intelligence.  Naturally, this made people think that Russia was working on becoming that leader and to avoid this from happening, it would be vital to beat him to the punchline. 

Making matters worse, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk stated a dire warning shortly afterwards by predicting the race for AI superiority between the different countries of the world could result in another world war.  Meanwhile, O hEigeartaigh described his own vision that can be considered less apocalyptic as he said that we live in a world that could become fraught with day-to-day hazards from the misuse of AI.  We need to take ownership of the problems — because the risks are real.

Reducing the Risks of AI Abuse

Though the report has grave concerns of how artificial intelligence could prove to be destructive, it wasn’t all filled with gloom and doom.  While the authors do agree there are potential benefits to using AI, they do urge companies and governments to act in reducing any risks of AI abuse. 


Recommendations made by the authors include researchers in artificial intelligence should prepare for scenarios where something may go wrong, beefing up cyber security and having increased collaboration among experts and lawmakers.  The timing of the report comes as tech executives and governments are showing increased enthusiasm in developing AI.

Like anything in life, AI can be used to be beneficial or harmful depending on who wields it and his or her intentions.  This means continuing the research needed to improve upon AI to make things better for everyone while understanding and being ready for those who will use it for destructive purposes.