Review: Sbode Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Listening to music while on the go is always a good way to keep yourself entertained, but that is only the case if you have a pair of quality earphones or headphones. There’s no fun listening music through a device that sounds like a “pan drum.”

On the other hand, one need to take into consideration that most of the best earphones are expensive, therefore, not everyone will have the cash to invest. The question is, then, is there an earphone out there with quality sound that won’t require consumers to break the bank?

Let’s Talk About the Sbode Bluetooth Earphone

I managed to get my hands on the Sbode Bluetooth earphone, and have been using it for nearly or little over a month. I’ve tested it with several smartphones, feature phones, and Windows computers, and I’m happy to say it works quite well, most of the time.

Here’s the thing, the Sbode is one of those sports earphones that wraps behind the head. The speaker section fits perfectly around the ear, and if you’re a person who loves to listen to impressive beats for hours, the Sbode will stay on without hurting your ear after prolong use.

Now, in terms of build quality, it’s mainly plastic and silicone. However, due to the light weight of the product, it shouldn’t break easily if it falls to the ground. In fact, my review copy fell several times and it’s still working.

As for the wire, well, it’s flat, which means the chances of it tangling into a knot is very slim. It also means the user will not have to worry too much about a shortage in the wires.

How’s the Sound?

OK, the Sbode cost $24 on Amazon, so there shouldn’t be a lot of power here, right? Yes, you’re right. It won’t compare to an expensive earphone from any of the major brands. However, for the price, this earphone sounds incredible.

It’s very loud, and the base, while not the best, is adequate enough for most music and videos. The base can be improved by using the equalizer on your smartphone or Windows 10 computer.

Now, this device does come with a mic for handsfree phone calls, but from my testing, it’s useless. On smartphones, the noise canceling seems to work, but in most situations, it has a recurring background annoyance that sounds like guitar strings.

I can’t say for certain what’s causing it, but it will annoy when on a phone call. Not to mention, the other party will have issues hearing you properly, so there’s definitely something wrong with mic overall.

Maybe I was given a bad copy; but as it stands, if you’re looking for a wireless earphone to make calls, this shouldn’t be up your alley.

Battery Life

On a full charge, the Sbode Bluetooth Earphone can run for up to eight hours, according to the manufacturer. My test has shown that this is indeed possible, but if you’re a heavy user who listens to music non-stop, you should get a little less than eight hours of use.

Overall, this earphone is great for the price. If you ignore the issues with the mic and just use it for listening to music, then you’ll find a lot of joy with it.

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