‘Mind-Reading’ AI Knows Exactly What You’re Thinking

We are headed to a future where newspaper headlines will possibly be reading something like, “AI-powered judge detects lie in court, or worse, “AI hacked into a banker’s brain and stole passwords.” Or what can we say the application would be, for the recently developed mind-reading AI in Japan, which accurately reveals a person’s thoughts?

In other words, a dystopian future is becoming real; faster than we thought, a time when people will not risk telling a lie anymore, as technology will have availed a supercharged lie detector. Sure, that is what the new brain-reading AI research is insinuating.

Original Aim Of the Project

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In a detailed analysis of how AI sees the brain of a human, Japanese scientists, using the technology have reported that artificial intelligence can examine a person’s brain scans and write an accurate description of what the person has been looking at. Okay, factually speaking, it’s not that direct, it is a somewhat complex procedure, but still sounds strange.

The AI is presented with a fMRI brain scan image; captured when the individual was staring at a picture, and after analysis, the system generates a caption of the image. On top of that, it then narrates in writing what it thinks the person was looking at. The best example was when the system was able to explain a dog sitting in front of a partially opened door “in relation to what was inside a volunteer’s brain.”

Understanding The Mind

According to Ichiro Kobayashi, one among the pioneering figures of this project at Ochanomizu University, Japan, “We aim to understand the mind, how it relays information about the real world.” Basically, the algorithms used are complex that the system modeled as well as read out perceptual content which it presented in sentences from brain activity.

The system that did this was an advancement of an earlier model, which in itself was complex already, using the deep neural network it generated sentences from images. The dataset used in training the system came from movie-evoked mind activity, that is, the scientists took the images when the person was watching a favorite movie.

Is it Time to Worry About AI Being Used to Hack the Brain?

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During last week’s heated debate on regulating machine intelligence, experts came to an agreement that when in the right hands, machine learning is a highly required tool in the society. In application, in such a case, experts can use this tech to help treat stress or control how thoughts are generated, to help manage suicide bombers or even mass shooters.

In addition, this can also mean using artificial intelligence to siphon the plans of terrorists, right from their minds way before executing an attack. As in, imagine if there was a way to detect the plan in the minds of those Sep 11 attackers. Despite the fears that AI might spark world war III, it is possible that the technology can be used to make the world super-peaceful.

However, on the other hand, we wouldn’t like it if the bad guys manage to lay their hands on brain reading machine intelligence systems like this. That would expose CIA’s and other undercover cops in case such a system could get access to a target brain.

Mind-Reading AI in Relationships

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For many of us who’ve been in a relationship, whether a marriage or just a boy/girlfriend relationship, you know how much it would be good to know what your partner thinks of you. In fact, research shows that 90 percent of ladies would want to really prove whether the dude is seriously in love with them or it’s just flattery. That is exactly where a brain reading AI would be of help. In particular, such a tool would help reduce misunderstandings between the husband and the wife.

Now, the question is how such a system will be availed to every house? Well… maybe it will work with your smartphone or laptop, such that you’ll be able to point it to your partners face and a report of how your spouse has spent their day will show up for printing, via a nearby Bluetooth connectable printer.

So what’s your take on this, now that we will be able to look into each other’s mind using AI? Cool, right?