The Nintendo Switch Is a Year Old: Three Things Still Missing

The Nintendo switch is a year-old, and to the surprise of many, the little console is performing well at retail and is going on to surpass the Wii’s lifetime sales. Nintendo has once again proven that power is not the most important thing in the world of gaming, but that doesn’t mean the Switch is without some genuine faults.

Let’s be honest here; it’s no longer 2010, and as such, every major entertainment device with a screen should come with some features that are considered as basic. Unfortunately, Nintendo has decided to focus more on the gaming aspect of the Switch, and that’s great.

However, for a system that cost $299, many gamers are expecting something that is more than just a games machine, and a system that is able to keep up with the other major players in terms of useful features.

Where’s Netflix?

It’s quite strange that Nintendo has yet to offer the Netflix app on its newest gaming machine. In fact, the Wii U supported the app, so what’s going on? For a system that is built from the ground up for mobile and home use, it’s quite surprising the most in-demand entertainment service is missing.

You know, if it makes you feel any better, the Hulu app is available, but who cares about Hulu, right?

Let’s hope the Japanese gaming giant manages to works something out with Netflix this year, 2018, to make sure its fans are well equipped with the best streaming service in the entire universe. That’s right, not even intelligent aliens have anything comparable to Netflix.

Cloud Saves, What’s Wrong?

OK, so both Sony and Microsoft have invested in the ability for gamers to upload their save files to the cloud. It’s important because should someone lose their gaming console, they won’t have to restart a game from the beginning whenever they purchase a new system.

This feature should have been a huge priority for Nintendo because the Switch, as stated several times already, is a mobile gaming product. It simply means the chances of a person losing their Switch is higher when compared to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

For some reason, Nintendo is slacking off in this key area, but yet again, we can only hope 2018 is different.

The Long-Awaited Pokémon Games

One of the primary reasons many gamers have invested in the Nintendo Switch is the ability to play a proper Pokémon game that is designed from the ground up for the new platform. At the moment, Nintendo has yet to make any major or minor announcements regarding such a title, therefore, one has to wonder what’s happening.

Several popular Nintendo titles have already come to the console, which means, Pokémon shouldn’t be too far off. Chances are, fans might have to wait until E3 2018 to find out. Let’s pray it’s not a 2019 and beyond title.

We Want Virtual Console

Virtual Console for the Wii U was great as it allowed gamers to play many of the classics. It’s quite odd, then, that Nintendo would wait so long to release the same option on the Switch. Just imagine being able to play Contra while sitting on the toilet seat, wouldn’t that be grand?

Disagree as much as you want, but I want to play classic games while sitting on the toilet, and you do too, you just don’t know it yet.