Technology Trends That Are Important to Artificial Intelligence

The concept of artificial intelligence originated from Greek’s Pygmalion myths and was later adopted by smart brains, like John McCarthy. Today, the technology has grown to become the driving force into futurism.

Nations and companies alike are now banking their future in this technology and that is evidenced by the unimaginable amounts of cash being poured into AI research.

As a Support to Companies

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Now, the technology is holding up hundreds of large businesses and startups which either sell artificial intelligence or use it to run their day-to-day activities. The latest amazing AI establishment, that literary begun from nowhere is Haptik, which now offers software that helps companies set up their custom virtual assistants. AI focused TV series and movies have also grown to become big brands.

In fact, research speculates that with the current hype surrounding this technology, the AI industry is expected to rise to 190.61 billion in value, from its current worth of 21 billion, by 2025 –based on the heavy funding experienced in AI projects. So, what are these technology trends that define artificial intelligence? Check below:

Natural Language Processing

This aspect of machine intelligence is mostly concerned with humans interacting with intelligent machines. It involves natural language processing as a mode of communication with agents or machines to be precise.

Using data, statistical techniques, and machine learning, agents are empowered to understand sentiments and sentence structure, as well as find meaning in sounds and voice. In serious applications, natural language processing is used for security matters and fraud detection.


Being the most used AI-based technology trend, biometrics employs computerized techniques to identify people through their unique behavioral patterns as well as special physical traits. Facial recognition and fingerprint reading are the most common form of biometrics which also played a great role in furthering artificial intelligence.

Instead of depending on human administrators alone, companies now use biometrics as payroll systems. Laptop manufacturers are also depending on this tech as the core security pass for owners to access their gadgets, not to mention that now, biometrics is becoming the major aspect of identifying passports and IDs.

Machine Learning

Since the onset of 2017, machine learning has become the most spoken about technology trend. It’s a complex form of artificial intelligence, that allows computers to have their brains and learn new skills without explicit programming. Data, APIs, and algorithms are the key elements in machine learning.

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Planning Scheduling Optimization

If you have heard about self driving cars, autonomous drones or robots, this is the aspect of AI that facilitates their existence. It is among the most complex trends as it because it must be discovered, then optimized to deliver intended solutions. It’s the branch that deals with planning, action sequencing, and strategy implementation.

Virtual Assistants

As the name suggests virtual assistant is the field that offers assistance services to humanity. No limits, the assistance which often is offered by agents like chatbots, Amazon’s Alexa home assistant, Apple’s HomePod or Google’s Voice Assistant, among others, may range from, professional, administrative or technical assistance.

Chatbots to be particular have become a major tool in businesses that companies don’t feel in good without them. Just to name a few, Google, IPsoft, Amazon, and Microsoft are among the known vendors of this technology.


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Robotics and automation mostly deal with discovering and designing machines that employ intelligent methods to tackle tasks. Ideally, it is a compilation of various domains as it brings together mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science.

Robots through automation can now perform tasks better than humans and businesses see them as a great plus to productivity and an alternative source of the labor force. This aspect of AI application has also been on the news waves because of its potential to replace people from their workplaces, with the worse speculations stating that by 2030, 800 million human jobs will go to robots. The prominent vendors of this tech include WorkFusion, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, UiPath, and Advanced Systems Concepts.

AI platforms is also another technology trend that works with cloud computing. Through it, Alibaba is able to sell its facial and voice recognition services, with the latest real-life application being using the software to rear pigs, as well as manage crime by analyzing CCTV footages.

In summary, we expect to see many other AI related trends in the near future.